Where to Start an Online Casino Business in the United States

Online Casino

The online casino business is booming, and you might want to get in on the action by starting your own. However, this is easier said than done and requires much consideration before diving into the idea. One of your primary concerns should be where to start your online casino business. Here are some vital factors to consider:


Not every American state has legalized online casinos. However, laws permit online gambling in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. Many states plan to follow suit due to the attractive tax revenues online gambling could bring in. Covid-19 made the need for online gambling more apparent as many physical casinos were closed or operating under stringent regulations.

Gamblers have also reported that online casinos are more convenient than undertaking trips to visit land-based operations. Operators are taking advantage of this by expanding online gambling in states where it is legal and lobbying for its legalization in others. Your online casino must operate out of a state where online gambling is permitted.


While an online gambling business is undoubtedly going to earn money, it requires a substantial investment. State gaming control boards consider license applications from online casino operators. The licensing process is long and complex, with many legalities and compliance issues. States only offer a limited number of licenses, and few have any unfilled quotas. Investigate which states still have licenses available for an online casino to determine where to start yours.


When evaluating whether you should be starting a new business, consider your competition. Even if you can secure an online casino license, will you make your business competitive with existing operators? Some states have giant, established gaming operators with online casino licenses. Competing with them may be challenging but less so if you understand their operations and how to make yours unique. Know who you are dealing with by investigating current license holders and determining a strategy for launching your online casino that will make it a resounding success.

Understand your target audience

When analyzing where to start an online casino business, a study of the local demographic is essential. It allows you to gear your operations to the people who will be using them. Therefore, conduct market research to see which games are popular in any given area and what customers expect from an online casino.