Your car keys likely have more features than you realize. Car manufacturers have done their best over the past few decades to make the lives of their customers easier by adding new features to their car keys. However, if you skip over reading the car manual, you might not realize these features exist, so check your manual for these two features.

  1. Remote Start

Some car transponder keys Orlando seem to have too many buttons. If you have ever wondered what these buttons are for, you might want to check if your car has a remote start feature. To activate the remote start feature, you often have to press one or multiple buttons in a certain order or pattern, and as long as you are within range of your car, it will start before you get in. Of course, remote start vehicles always come with safety features to ensure the safety of your car when you start it from afar.

  1. Roll Down Windows

Similarly to the remote start feature, the ability to roll down all of your car windows at the same time remotely is not usually a labeled button on your key fob. Instead, you need to know the button combination or pattern that corresponds to the feature you are trying to activate. Rolling down all your windows is useful for cooling down your car on a hot day or in an emergency when you need to enter or exit your car but cannot or should not open the doors.

It is important to be informed about what features your car has so that you can use them when they are necessary. It might be boring, but you should read, or at least skim, your car’s manual in case you are missing some important information or features that could make your life easier in the future.