The Slots and the Wins for You

Slot machines should remain fun for anyone who tries them out. We think we all agree on this point. We told you our story on the home page of the casino88 site, you can imagine that at one time we were playing a lot but slots have always been a source of joy for us. However, we have seen some players fall into what is called addiction. It is a feeling that must be avoided at all costs and for that, after a long observation of these players who are marginal in the end, but who exist all the same, we must be clear, there is no that personal management that can pull you up.

In our opinion, personal management takes place in three points that we will address immediately:

Managing your time

Slot machines are captivating, this game you love it and then you decide to play and time flies so quickly when you’re having fun that you can very well look at your watch at one point and be amazed at the time that you just switched to playing. In our opinion, it is absolutely necessary to control the time you devote to slot machines so as not to fall into the trap and above all to know how to clear your mind through other more “interesting” activities, not that the slot machines are not interesting but in any case, they do not feed your general knowledge for example.

Know how to play for an hour a day if you want to but then it’s time to move on, so when you get to the end of that hour you just have to stop whatever the outcome of the game. You can come back to it the next day. For the more fanatical, set an alarm, it will help you.

Managing your budget

Obviously, this is an important point to check, you agree. We do not all have the same budget to play slots, you have to play within your means and never go above. Our advice is that at the beginning of the month, you should calculate the amount you can allocate to slot machines after deducting your fixed and variable costs (rent, road costs, etc.) then your extras for your others. If you have anything left, then you can devote it to slots if that makes you happy. At least you don’t risk putting yourself in a sticky situation for the game, which should be avoided at all costs.

Managing your feelings

The loss: when you lose, accept it, without wanting at all costs to want to redo yourself, because that will be where you risk spending more than you can. It is then easy to fall into a vicious circle from which it will be difficult to escape.

The wins: Always tell yourself that slots are a game of luck and that if you win today, you could very well lose tomorrow. Do not invest everything you have in slots otherwise you will of course find yourself “naked”.