3 Items You’ll Need for an Outdoor Event

Gatherings and celebrations happen all year long and if the option for indoor gatherings is limited, consider rethinking your event planning to include outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces can provide a fresh new experience to an otherwise typical gathering. And outdoor events don’t have to be limited by time or season. Here are three items that will make an outdoor celebration one that you can have any time of year:

Outdoor Light Tower

Whether you want to light a stage, a banquet table or a parking area, don’t feel like the party has to end just because the sun goes down. You can rent construction light towers Washington and add outdoor lighting to your event. You can move portable light towers to any location where extra light is needed and you can rent as many as you need for your space, allowing your guests to feel comfortable staying late at your outdoor gathering.

Event Tent

A large event tent guarantees that your event will continue even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Not only does the canopy of an event tent provide shelter from the elements, but the open walls allow people and fresh air to move freely. An event tent is easy to erect and provides a nice frame for your gathering. The large covered canopy can provide a focus for your guests and can be a place to stage key items like food, seating or decorations.

Propane Heat Lamps

Portable propane heat lamps keep people warm outside in cooler months or if an outdoor event continues late into the night. This type of heat lamp can be spaced in a way that encourages people to distance themselves and gather in smaller groups.

So, if an indoor gathering is not an option, consider an outdoor event. Add these key items to your outdoor celebration and tell your guests they won’t need to check their coats at the door.