Worker safety is a big responsibility. Many thousands of workers are injured in job-related accidents every year. To reduce the likelihood that your employees will search for an Iowa workers compensation lawyer, take steps to ensure a safe working environment.


Not only do employers need to post OSHA signs and posters, but they should label or post signs in hazardous locations or on hazardous materials. Exits and emergency exits should also be identified.


Companies should provide their employees with proper job training. If employees fully understand their job processes, they can avoid actions that could get them hurt. In addition, employers should provide training on all the equipment or tools an employee will use on the job.

However, companies should also provide safety training. For example, every employee should know where the emergency exits, first aid stations and safety manuals are. They should also know the process they should follow if a hazard is discovered or an accident happens, such as a chemical spill or accident with a piece of machinery.

All training should be conducted in a language the employee understands.

Environmental Examination

An employer is responsible for recognizing and taking steps to remove or mitigate risks to employees’ safety. Hazards that can be identified should be removed if possible. For example, things should not be left in walkways. They are also responsible for the maintenance of all equipment and tools, but especially those whose malfunctions could injure employees.


OSHA has requirements for reporting injuries. For example, deaths must be reported within 8 hours, while dismemberments must be reported within 24 hours. In addition, most companies are required to keep detailed employment and notification records for every injury or illness that is work related. Medical records related to these injuries should also be kept.

A compliance officer should also be selected from within the company. This employee will liaise between the company and OSHA.