Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

As older adults age, they may need assistance taking care of themselves and tending to everyday tasks. While getting help with end-of-life wishes from an estate planning attorney Sun City AZ, seniors may also need assistance choosing a nursing home. Here are some tips to narrow down options and age in peace.

Consider Personal Desires 

Different nursing homes cater to different resident needs. Potential residents must clarify their requirements so they can narrow their nursing home options. For instance, facilities may offer physical therapy, have religious connections, offer hospice care or cater specifically to residents with Alzheimer’s. Some residents would rather live close to relatives or friends.

Reach Out to Different Nursing Homes 

Calling nursing homes helps potential residents get a feel for how a facility operates. Besides getting an idea of the home’s “atmosphere,” calling facilities gives potential residents the chance to ask about prices, how many people live in the property and if a waiting list exists.

Get Recommendations From Friends and Family 

Friends and relatives may have suggestions for reputable nursing homes, especially if they work in the nursing or home health aide industries. Social workers may offer recommendations or help older adults choose from local nursing homes.

Visit the Home 

It is essential to visit potential nursing facilities. Besides scheduling a visit during visiting hours, it’s also a good idea to visit outside visiting hours. That way, potential residents have a chance to see how the facility operates outside of peak visiting hours. Swinging by the facility at night, eating a meal and paying attention to how residents and staff members interact helps form a comprehensive impression of the home.

Asking questions during the visit is also wise. Specifically, questions about how long the director and department heads have worked at the facility are essential.

Older adults deserve to age in peace. Choosing the right nursing home allows them to do that while helping them make the most of their golden years.