7 Useful Tips for Working With Online Influences

In this digital age, social media is the primary source of information. It’s common to see your parents browsing their phones while watching those trendy Facebook videos. Indeed, social media has now influenced both the younger and the older generations. There’s no denying that users tend to use their phones almost all day long, being trapped in the “doom scrolling,” meaning scrolling mindlessly and just consuming whatever pops out. That’s why it’s the best time to take advantage of this new behaviour and rely on social marketing platforms.

Social marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are convenient ways to communicate with your audiences. Businesses can use these platforms to raise awareness about their products. Aside from this, there are multiple marketing strategies they can try. But one thing they should take advantage of is to partner with online influencers.

They may be vloggers, Instagram models, or perhaps streamers. All of them can help your social marketing platforms to reach more brands. Now, let this article help you understand how you can work with these influencers and make your marketing strategy a success.




How to Work with Online Influencers

Influence marketing is one of the most effective ways to convince users to buy products from your business. With the rise of social media influencers from TikTok and Instagram, business owners have paid them to promote their products on their accounts online. Amassing thousands or millions of followers, you might gain their recognition and make your business more famous. But before achieving this benefit, it’s better to know how to work successfully with online influencers through your social commerce platforms.

Here are the tips you need to follow for selling your services and goods with influencers.

1) Give Your Influencers Creative Freedom

Allow your influencers to be authentic when introducing your products to the public. Let them create a video or content that will reflect their online branding. For instance, an influencer can create skits, dance videos, challenge videos, etc. There are many ways influencers use social marketing platforms to spread information about your products. So, let them be and attend a meeting with them about the idea you want to give your possible customers.

For example, Xin Lin Khaw is an influencer famous for her raw travel videos. When you look into her Instagram account, you can see some posts with product advertisements. It’s an excellent way to introduce the product to the online community because they have more trust in the influencer.



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2) Find Influencers That Match Your Value

The best way to work with influencers is to match your values according to their beliefs. It’s better to work with influencers with the same values as what you believe in your life. For instance, if you have a vegan business, it’s better to look for online influencers who also practise the vegetarian philosophy. In this TikTok video of pixiepax, she introduces Vegan food that helps businesses get more recognition from other online users.

Watch it here:


Through this video, the influencer introduces more about the product, the business values and what are the services it offers. Therefore, it will help people get more familiar with your business.

3) Reward the Influencers

As a business owner, you should make your relationship with your influencers beneficial. Since they promote your business, it’s also better to reward them. Perhaps, you can pay them talent fees, give them freebies, or invite them to your company event. It can make your influencers more appreciative of your partnership with them. As they use the content marketing platform, influencers will be able to earn a living and help your business generate more revenues. It’s a win-win situation for the brand and the influencer.

4) Utilise Influencers as Your PR

People nowadays trust influencers more than celebrities. It’s better to utilise influencers as your PR, attending events or even making YouTube videos. One good example is XiaXue, with almost 250,000 followers. The fashion and beauty vlogger is helping skincare brands reach more audiences. Watch how she introduces products in this Get Unready with Me video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO0Abi_r7OQ.

YouTube is also a good influencer marketing platform for creators because this is where they can produce more informative videos. Plus, there is no time limit on YouTube videos compared to TikTok. So, they can post a longer video explaining more about the product.

5) Share Their Contents

If you have a Facebook page, you can share your influencer’s content so your followers can browse through their online accounts. As you share their accounts, you can think of a caption that can capture the interest of your online visitors. Being consistent will yield fruitful results when sharing on social marketing platforms. People will know you’re still active if you upload daily.

On top of this, you can also help the influencers gain more followers through your daily postings. You can also build connections with your followers through this simple marketing technique.

6) Respect the Influencer’s Opinion

Influencers are also artists because they use their creativity to produce an output. For this reason, you need to respect their opinion whenever they think of something unique in introducing your brand. For instance, they can create a comedy skit that subtly shows your products to the audience. The right way to use social commerce platforms is to convince people but not force them to buy from your business.

Watch how this influencer or also known as Soh Pei Shi, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle creator introduces a product on her unique idea:

@speishi_#ad♬ Peace – Official Sound Studio

7) Set a Goal With Your Influencers

Most importantly, you can also set a goal with your influencers, like posting three videos per week or perhaps one photo on Instagram. With planned goals, you can have a guide on how to introduce your brand to the public. Plus, you won’t overwork your influencers by giving them too much work when using influencer marketing platforms for creators. Remember that your partnership with the influencers is also about business, so be professional when interacting with your partners.

Utilise social media platforms to introduce your brand to their online community. Visit their website to learn more about social marketing platforms and how they can help your business.