Are You a Food Lover – Then Come to Toronto

Toronto is one of the well visited City of Canada, not too far from Niagara city which is famous for wonderful views of Niagara Fall. In Toronto, you will find people from different cultures of the world and hence you can find foods of different countries too. There are plenty of restaurants serving Vietnamese, Greek, Spanish and Indian foods. For exploring different foods, all that you need to do is just walk down the streets of Toronto and you come across a variety of foods.

If you are interested to do Toronto food tours during your next visit to Canada, you can sign up with “501 Streetcar Food Tour” then they will take you around the 501 Queen line and hop around to different places where you will get many types of foods, which you never must have heard or seen. You can also explore at few other places like Ossington Avenue, where you can walk from the west Queen west to Little Portugal. You can find “pastel de nata” a Portuguese food at Venezia Bakery, you can also find at Soos the Malaysian roti, and at Hawker Bar you can get chilly-soy chicken wings. You can also drink a pint of any of your chosen drink at “Bellwoods Brewery”.

You can further explore for different foods in the market areas too. At St Lawrence Market, there are about 120 vendors who are selling many different foods made out of cheese to meat. You can also get bacon sandwich from Carousal Bakery, which is also known as signature dish of Toronto. It is a typical Canadian bacon which is made out of Kaiser Roll with mustard. You will find it really very tasty. If you are fond of eating seafood then go along with the crowd to Buster’s Sea Cove and eat seafoods like grilled fish, calamari and fish with chips.