Grab Accessories at BBQs 2u with 10% off Exclusively

This summer BBQs 2u is again ready with a fresh stock of grills and ovens for their regular and potential customers. Looking into the website customers can see new deals and bundle offers on every grill and oven. BBQs 2u is passionate about grilling and wants to keep the same tradition alive. Therefore, by announcing contests and uploading videos and news on their social media page they want people to know how exciting it is to grill meat and veggie at home and be eaten fresh.

They deal in the best brands like Kamado Joe, Ooni pizza oven, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt Gravity series. Along with all brands they are also offering bundle discounts that include accessories.

  • With Kamado Joe they are giving a 10% bundle off which includes accessories like JoeTisserie Rotisserie, and DoJoe.
  • With the Masterbuilt Gravity series, they are offering Free BBQ essentials like the cover, kamado Joe wood chunks, a box of flamers natural firelighters, and Masterbuilt lumpwood charcoals.
  • Customers can also find accessories exclusive on their website. Recently they have added various flavours of Angus & Oink sauces and rubs. This has made cooking, roasting, and baking much tastier.

With brands like these, BBQs 2u has never been short on sales. Even during the pandemic, the major sale was made by Kamado Joe and Napoleon BBQs.

Kamado Joe

  • Kamado Joe is a traditional Asian-style dome-shaped barbeque. It has ceramic walls that retain heat keeping the food fresh and moist inside. It encloses the smoke as well giving the meat and veggies a smoky flavour.
  • The ash tray is easy to take out which helps in keeping the stove clean.
  • The plastic handles on the side and the lightweight lid cover make it the most compatible stove.
  • Whether it is the Classic models for small gatherings or a Big Joe for a huge party, Kamado Joe can assist any group.


Napoleon has long been regarded as one of the best names in grilling, offering a combination of quality and value that is difficult to match. Perhaps the best illustration of Napoleon’s outstanding value is the Prestige 500 gas grill, a standout in its class and a current favourite among customers.

  • The Napoleon BBQs is designed with all the right things in mind, from their stunning structure to their powerful performance and complete options.
  • With new and inventive unique technology, such as unique gas barbecues, specialised infrared food preparation, and some of North America’s most advanced progressive technology, Napoleon completely changed the way things are done.
  • Innovative design and engineering, innovative producing methods, committed customer service, excellent product quality, and exceptional warranties set Napoleon apart from its rivals.

Above that, if customers also receive great services from the retailer BBQS 2u, they are all mesmerized. Currently, BBQs 2u is celebrating a family holiday like everyone. However, it is for sure that they will come back with a blast. Even if they have closed their shop for some time for a family holiday, they keep updating their social media page to stay connected. Check out their Instagram account for any latest deals and offers in the pipeline.