Here’s why you should switch to grass-fed beef!

Most of us have heard of miraculous diets and food ideas, which promise things like weight gain, weight loss, and often nothing but better health. Weight Watchers’ diet, paleo diet, raw food diet, Mediterranean diet, warrior diet, keto diet – The list is pretty long. The balance of macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fats) is critical for a good and balanced diet plan. If you are not a vegan/vegetarian, animal protein is a critical component of your meals, and your choice is important. In Canada, services like Papa Earth organic meat delivery have really changed shopping habits of health-conscious buyers. 

Like many others, you are probably wondering – What’s the fuss about grass-fed beef? We have an overview below for your help!

What exactly is grass-fed beef?

Marketing gimmicks often make it hard to read between the labels. As the name indicates, grass-fed beef comes from animals that have been fed a natural diet, but this doesn’t always imply just grass. In that context, terms like “100% grass-fed beef”, “grass-fed beef”, or “grass-finished beef” are important. The best choice, according to many dieticians, is 100% grass fed beef. This means that the meat has come from cows, which have been raised on a natural diet (as they would in a natural environment). The diet consists of grass, hay, wild greens, and add-ons that are natural. There is no use of growth hormones or antibiotics. 

Discover the many benefits

Natural/organic farming is imperative for the planet and for the right reasons. Commercial livestock farming is causing unprecedented damage to the environment and natural resources. When you buy 100% grass-fed beef, you make the conscious choice of helping farmers and people involved in organic farming. Coming to nutrition, 100% grass fed beef is always denser in important nutrients. If you have to choose between grain finished beef and grass-fed beef, the latter is always a better choice. Lean beef is also high on Omega-3 fatty acids, as compared to traditional beef available at local stores. Not to forget, 100% grass-fed beef is also lower in calories. If you have been looking for better sources of protein to build your body or lose weight, there is no better choice. 

Order 100% grass-fed beef online

Like we mentioned, there are premium meat delivery services in Canada, many of which have tied up with local farms to bring the best grass-fed beef and meats. Many of them have websites, so you can easily place an order, and for bulk purchases, you can always get a discount. Also, you can find more choices in cuts and steaks.