How To Get Along with The Best Fire Safety Engineer?

Most urban fire outbreaks are sparked by human activity rather than a natural occurrence. In other words, electrical sparks from an extension cord or cigarette butts could cause a building to catch fire. Collaborating with the best fire safety engineer improves the fire safety of your company building and employees.

Here are some tips that might help you get along with the best fire safety engineer for a long time possible.

Invest In Fire Extinguishers

Having enough fire extinguishers around your company building will help the best fire safety engineer create a fire drill plan. You should know that a fire drill plan is a scenario practice that can help you and your employees be calm and take action when fire hazards happen.

Clear Hallways and Stairwells

Given that hallways and stairwells are the paths that you and your employees pass through during the fire hazards, your hired fire safety consultant will help optimise these places so the fire will not spark more heavily here.

Placed Lots of Sprinklers in Each Room

Besides installing mass engineered timber in Singapore, placing lots of sprinklers in each room will help put out fires temporarily while the local fire department is on its way.

Make Water Supply Accessible

Even though fire trucks have water supply, they might not be enough to put out all the fires in a company building. To help your best fire safety engineer and firefighters, consider making the water supply accessible. Ideally, you have to place it on every fire exit.

Hang Fire Safety Signages

People will struggle to think of what they should do next when things are tough, and hanging fire safety signs will tell them what to do when fire hazards happen.