5 Reasons Why Men Should Enrol In A Ballet Class In Singapore

A ballet class in Singapore is for women, while breakdancing is for men. It is the typical stereotype people have about dancing. But dancing has no gender; girls can breakdance, and men are welcome to join ballet beginner classes for adults!

Here are the reasons why men should try ballet:

  1. Male ballet dancers are in demand

Many ballet performances need a man and a woman. However, there are only a few good male dancers in the industries in demand for these roles.

If you are a male who wants to succeed in the female-dominant industry, you should start by visiting a ballet studio in Singapore.

  1. Improve upper body strength, flexibility, and endurance

Firstly, in ballet performances, male dancers lift female dancers a lot. It could already build upper body strength.

Secondly, ballet includes movements that involve stretching the limbs and arms. Doing these movements repeatedly can grease your joints, improve range of motion, and enhance flexibility.

Lastly, regularly completing the ballet dancer workout routine will improve your stamina and endurance.

  1. Pursue other dances

Ballet is a building block for other dance disciplines. It is a smart choice to start with ballet before pursuing other dances, including salsa, ballroom, interpretative, and even breakdancing!

It is because ballet classes already sharpen fundamental abilities, including flexibility, rhythm, and strength, which are also the core of other dances.

  1. Pursue a global dancing career

Becoming a ballet dancer opens more global opportunities. Besides being a performer, a pro ballet dancer can join a dancesport competition, become a coach, and lead dance fitness classes in Singapore.

  1. Learn beyond dancing

 A ballet class and workout in Singapore teaches lessons beyond dancing. It teaches students proper work-ethic, discipline, resiliency, perseverance, commitment, dedication, teamwork, social skills, creativity, and building self-esteem.

No one is stopping men from reaping these benefits by joining a ballet class in Singapore.

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