Serve Your Clients Better with a Virtual Office

When your business requires flexible work hours, a virtual office produces a chance for people to work from wherever they may be and whenever they like. A virtual office requires no commute time, minimal to no technology costs and less overhead.

If you know you need someone now to set up your virtual office, visit Intelligent Office today. Until then, here are five reasons you can serve your clients better with a virtual office.

Virtual Offices are Flexible

American Express recently interviewed a customer who was excited about her new virtual office. The first thing you see in most of these testimonials is that a virtual office gave a flexibility that is needed in today’s market.

Most people love the idea of working at home because they can be more productive. Virtual offices are more flexible than traditional office spaces, allowing the employee more flexibility to work from home, at the client’s location, or at the employee’s office.

Virtual Offices Allow for Remote Work

In general, most businesses have rigid schedules, in which their workers are obligated to be at a specific office at a particular time. This not only restricts employees, it also stifles creativity and productivity. For companies that aren’t concerned with employees being at a particular place at a particular time, the option to work remotely is a viable option.

Virtual Offices Increase Productivity

Virtual offices provide employees with a platform to resolve issues in real time, eliminating long work hours. The elimination of long work hours is an invaluable advantage for companies.

Virtual Offices Cut Down on Commute Time

While working remotely isn’t for everybody, a virtual office gives you the option of having an employee based outside your building, which is easier and safer than commuting through congested traffic. Lower overhead costs. With talented employees all around the world, a virtual office is a great opportunity for you to hire and bring on more talent. You can reach out to them through email, phone and other forms of communication, and see if they are interested in working with you.

Virtual Offices Decrease Turnover Rates

If you’re doing everything you can to keep your employees motivated and to have good relations with them, why would you want to replace them with virtual employees? A virtual office allows you to keep the work team you need without adding more employees.


There are many benefits that come with setting up a virtual office. If you are looking to help your business grow, it is a good idea to explore this option.