Protecting one’s car requires a proactive approach that includes both prevention and maintenance. Even cars stored indoors will benefit from protection as this helps prevent damage to the car, which helps prevent a drop in the car’s value due to preventable cosmetic damage.

Universal-fit car covers are a popular option that provides car & vehicle owners the basic protection required against the harsh elements that can damage the car, ultimately hurting its resale value.

However, there are certain benefits and considerations to using a universal-fit car cover. These are noted below; check them out.

The Pros of Universal-Fit Car Covers

Universal-fit car covers offer a quick and easy method to protect your car, truck, SUV, or motorsport equipment.

Universal-fit car covers are available in a variety of types that include –

  • Indoor Only Car Covers – which typically feature a soft cover, with little need to be water-resistant.
  • Outdoor Only Car Covers – which are designed to be most effective to water resistance.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers – which typically have two layers of material, a soft underneath layer and a top layer that is resistant to water.

Universal-fit car covers are available in a variety of sizes that are designed to fit most cars, SUVs, sedans, trucks, and compact cars, among others. Most universal-fit covers work with the majority of cars within a defined vehicle category and may even fit more than one car. Note, to help the car cover fit snugly, a universal-fit car cover is made with strong elastic around the bottom of the automobile cover to help protect the base and undercarriage of the vehicle.

A universal-fit car cover is also among the most affordable protective options on the market. It offers a cost-effective way to protect one’s investment in a car, truck, or other vehicles.

The Cons of Universal-Fit Car Covers

While a universal-fit cover is a great alternative, there are few considerations for which each consumer should be aware.

First, a universal-fit car cover tends to be cut larger than needed as it is designed to fit a broad range of cars within a vehicle category. The result of a loose fit is that there may be gaps in the car cover’s fit. The elastic at the bottom of the cover typically helps remove gaps along the bottom of the car that is being protected.

Car covers that are not custom-designed may flap against the car from the wind if used outdoors. If there is loose dirt on the underside of the cover, the windblown cover may slightly damage the car’s paint or chrome over time.

Universal-fit car covers that are designed for indoor use are manufactured with a soft inner surface to protect the car’s exterior when stored.