If you own or manage a property that includes lengthy hallways, it is up to you to ensure that these spaces are kept clean and safe for all who walk on them. Spaces like government buildings, schools, and other workplaces experience extremely high traffic in hallways and therefore, simple sweeping and mopping won’t cut it. This is where refurbished floor sweepers come in.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing refurbished floor sweepers for the upkeep of your hallways.

They’re cleaner and more hygienic.

Buildings like schools can get dirty quickly, and a hygienic atmosphere is absolutely necessary. The buildup of dust, allergens, dirt, and other debris on hallway floors can cause serious health issues for students and teachers — as well as sanitation issues.

The absolute best way to adequately clean hallways is to use refurbished floor sweepers. They quickly and efficiently suck up dirt and debris while also sufficiently cleaning the surface.

The manpower required is much less.

The sanitation department for your building has a lot on their hands. Not only are they in charge of cleaning hallways and individual rooms, but they need to take care of the garbage, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and other sanitation and “handy man” issues that arise.

In most buildings, hallways need to be cleaned every day, and this requires a lot of the manpower. Using floor sweepers takes less than half the manpower required when manual sweeping is undertaken. Not only does this save you money employing your janitorial team, but it also saves backbreaking work for your janitorial employees. They can ride on the floor sweeper and let the machine do the work instead of pushing around brooms and mops themselves.

Less trips for cleaning fluid are required.

In line with the lessened need for more manpower when using floor sweepers to clean hallways, these amazing machines also allow for fewer trips to be made for a cleaning solution.

Janitorial teams typically make several sanitation fluid or cleaning solution trips as they are cleaning a floor surface. This is so that they can get clean fluid or water to continue working and dump out the old. Floors sweepers with scrubbers can carry a large amount of cleaning fluid in one trip, which saves time, energy, and ultimately, money.

Keeping Your Hallways Safe and Clean

Naturally, there are many aspects of keeping a school, government building, or other workplace clean and safe. But hallways are an often-overlooked feature. They are used daily and repetitively, but they don’t get a lot of attention. By purchasing refurbished floor sweepers to keep your hallways clean and safe, you’ll be greatly benefiting your employees, patrons, clients, and other visitors as well as yourself.