The new rules of formal attire for men

Formal attire has always been an elegant affair; however, in recent years, men have become more adventurous and society more accepting about what is considered non-casual. A suit, tie, smart, polished shoes and a waistcoat used to be seen as formal; now, fewer men wear suits to work and more are becoming creative with their smart clothing. Formal shirts, pressed trousers and jackets with pocket handkerchiefs are no longer considered staples in the formal wardrobe.

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Men should aim for comfort in smart clothing

Allowing room to breathe should be a priority for the working man; for example, an oversized jacket can help them to remain comfortable while adding a touch of fashion. Savile Row-style shirts can cause restrictions on movement, as they tend to have a more military-style cut; for this reason, they tend not to be the most practical choice for many men. A shirt with a looser fit will work wonders; therefore, it is best to forget the label ‘slim fit’ and look for shirts that fit your body shape whilst giving you room to move.

Create a simple look with a versatile shirt

A tiepin, braces and even a waistcoat are no longer the go-to items to perfect the smart look. Strip back on unnecessary additions and wear clothing to reflect your personality. This will not only save time on ironing and getting dressed but also appear more effortlessly natural.

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Choose an earth colour to complement your skin tone

Most men opt for a grey or navy colour for a staple suit they can accessorise; however, more and more men are opting to wear greens and browns, which can complement skin tones nicely. This look can be more effective, especially without the fussy add-ons.

For a simple, elegant look, shirts such as Farah shirts can be worn for business and leisure. These are versatile and they suit all looks. Stylish shirts can be obtained from a range of stockists, such as, so there is no excuse for not jazzing up your look.

According to Artsy, the turtleneck has been worn by well-known professionals as part of a formal look.

Trainers were once the forbidden fruit, but they too are becoming more accepted. They can easily be teamed with a simple T-shirt worn under a suit.