Most profitable casinos in the world

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative in the world with countless casinos, arcades, and resorts located around the globe.

Caesars Palace, Bellagio, and the MGM Grand.  What is most interesting about the top 10 most profitable casinos is that none are located within the US. In fact, 8/10 of the most profitable casinos are located in the Chinese region of Macau – the true gambling capital of the world.  The other two can be found in Singapore, of all places.

With so many casinos present in one area, it’s not exactly surprising that approximately half of all of Macau’s economy comes from gambling. It also makes the tour of the biggest casinos so much easier, just a few miles separate the establishments.

Using data from Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy (GBGC) we took a look into the world of land-based betting to answer the age-old questions…

What are the top 10 most profitable casinos in the world?  Just how much money do they bring in?

  1. Resorts World Sentosa

US$ billion (2014): 1.76 – Location: Singapore

At number 10 on the list is Resorts World Sentosa, a Singapore-based resort, complete with a Universal Studios theme park, Adventure Cove Water Park and, most importantly, the casino bringing in a staggering $1.76 billion.

The casino is still in its infancy, having been opened in 2010, but the numbers don’t lie and we’re sure it has proven incredibly profitable for the Genting Group.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

US$ billion (2014): 2.57 – Location: Singapore  

Sticking in Singapore for number 9 is Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay and owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation.

The casino is huge, with over 700 table games and an even more impressive 2500 slot machines to hop on and enjoy. It’s another relatively young casino, having opened in 2010.  It was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino with a cost of $8 billion.

With takings of $2.57 billion in 2014, it ranks as a fantastic investment, landing plenty of tourists each and every year.

  1. Sands Cotai


US$ billion (2014): 2.8 – Location: Macau 

Sands Cotai is number 8 and the first of the Macau casinos with two unique themes, Himalaya and Pacifica, at the center of the entertainment establishment.

There are over 200 table games to choose from but a staggering 1,700 slot machines that give the casino its stripes. Not a bad place to visit on any tour of Macau.

  1. Star World

US$ billion (2014): 2.87 – Location: Macau 

Star World is number 7 in the list.  Although it isn’t one of the biggest casinos, it is one of the most profitable.

There are only 250 table games and roughly the same number of gaming machines in the 140,000 square feet available. There is a great whiskey bar worth mentioning, but other than that – it’s one you won’t really mind missing if you’re visiting.

  1. MGM Macau

US$ billion (2014): 3.24 – Location: Macau 

MGM Macau is at number 6, towering above the MGM Grand in terms of profit with $3.24 billion.

The casino-resort stands at 35-stories tall and comes with 600 rooms.  It opened in December 2007 and cost a total of $1.25 billion. Worth a shot if you’re touring the scene.

  1. Venetian Macao

US$ billion (2014): 3.55 – Location: Macau 

The first of the top 5 casinos is the Venetian Macao, a luxury resort with the finest selection of games all under one roof.

The casino boasts the crown of being the largest casino in the world with 50,000+ square meters (over 53,000 square feet) of gaming space, 500+ table games and 2,000+ slot machines and electronic table games. Take a visit and you’ll also be able to play plenty of unique games found only in the Venetian.

A great place to stop while in the area..

  1. Wynn Macau

US$ billion (2014): 3.59 – Location: Macau 

Number 4 is the Wynn Macau, a luxury hotel and casino resort consisting of two towers containing a total of 1,008 rooms and suites.

There are a total of eight casual and fine dining restaurants, and a pair of spas among other bits and pieces. Opened in 2006, it stands as the 4th most profitable in Macau (and the world). Not bad at all.

  1. City of Dreams

US$ billion (2014): 3.72 – Location: Macau 

The City of Dreams, located in Cotai, Macau is one of two mega-sized properties in the region owned by Melco Crown Entertainment.

The building is in the style of a podium with four towers and contains a total of 1,400 guest rooms and suites. The casino itself is a huge 420,000 square feet, complete with 450 gaming tables and over 1514 gaming machines.

With $3.72 billion takings in 2014, it’s no wonder there are plans for a fifth theme in the resort!

  1. SJM Grand Lisboa

US$ billion (2014): 3.82 – Location: Macau 

Number 2, earning a total of $3.82 billion in 2014 is SJM Grand Lisboa, a 47-floor hotel and casino developed and opened in 2007.

There are 800 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines to go alongside the 430 hotel rooms and suites. But it is the building itself that may be the most spectacular feature.  This is the tallest building in Macau and it dominates the skyline.

Although it is alien-looking, a great place to stay and play!

  1. Galaxy Macau

US$ billion (2014): 5.85 – Location: Macau 

The number 1 highest earner from around the globe is Galaxy Macau which brought in a cool $5.85 billion (2014).

The casino opened in 2011, making it one of the youngest on the list. With a total cost of 1.9 billion, the casino consists of 6 different hotels, each with its own theme.

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