Things You Should Know about Warehouse Inventory Management

It is true that using a managed warehousing facility offers a number of benefits, but you should still understand the ins and outs of proper warehouse inventory management. Many people are under the impression that warehousing inventory management is all about arranging your goods in a way that you could find the right one when you need. The truth is that good inventory management ensures you do not have to go through any hassle when looking for something, but it helps improve inventory accuracy at the same time.

You can make things easier by labeling for which you can use different software solutions. It also makes sense to use scanners, barcodes, automatic identification, RFID systems, and wireless LANs for proper inventory management. However, here are some other tips that will help make it easier to management inventory along with improving warehouse’s performance.

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Monitor Everything Regularly

You need to understand that your warehouse will help improve inventory if you inspect everything regularly. You should be reviewing your warehouse’s organization and ensure that everything is in proper shape. Understand that you can always make certain changes to improve the overall organization of your warehouse. Ensure that the stock is located in a way that anyone can have safe access to it. You should also ensure that the fast moving SKUs are not higher than shoulder and waist height or else it will be time consuming to retrieve everything. You may also want to have an area exclusively designed for damaged goods – it is an important consideration especially if you have to deal with damaged goods more frequently.

Find the Right Place for Top Sellers

You should also take your time to determine your high sellers when organizing your inventory. It makes great sense to keep your high volume items or top sellers closer to the shipping area. It will minimize the time required to handle your orders. By reducing labor time, you will be able to cut the overall cost of managing your warehouse.

Make Use of Cycle Counts

It means that you should not wait for long to carry out inventory control audits. You will benefit a lot by performing cycle counts at regular intervals. Be sure to analyze any discrepancies and take necessary steps to improve everything.

Work on Minimizing Unauthorized Access

You may want to work with your staff to ensure that only authorized personnel gets the permission to walk around your warehouse. Letting unauthorized people hang around your inventory can lead to all sorts of problems.

In addition to these points, you need to consider some others as well, but the point is to be proactive and understand that your warehouse needs your time. You can certainly minimize the time it takes to organize everything by opting for managed warehousing, but again, you are the best person to decide the right place of different products because no one knows your business better but you. So, be prepared to do some hard work to streamline everything in your warehouse.