When something becomes a necessity and cannot be controlled then it can be termed addiction. People with obsession for gambling can get addicted to it easily just like drugs or alcohol. The online gambling addiction is similar to any other addiction disorder but it can be seen as a mental problem also like obsessive compulsive disorder. Gambling disorder can also be called as compulsive gambling or pathological gambling. People engage in different types of gambling like lottery, sports betting, poker, slot machines etc. at different locations like casinos or online betting sites.

Some facts about gambling addiction

When you have lost the control to stop yourself from gambling both online or offline, inspite of all the problems you are facing, you are in addiction. There are still so many other things that you can find about gambling addiction.

  • Symptoms of compulsive gambling may vary with gender and age. So a symptom of male will not be the same as a female and also the symptoms will vary between a teenager and an adult.
  • Men are at higher risk of getting addicted to gambling at younger age than women. However the effects and symptoms of addiction to gambling can be bad in women when compared to men.
  • Someone who has the mental problems like mood swings, schizophrenia, personality disorder etc. or has addiction to drugs, cocaine or alcohol are highly prone to gambling addiction.
  • Accurate diagnosis of gambling disorder is important and it involves both physical as well as psychological analysis with series of laboratory tests and mental-status examination.
  • There are many ways to treat this disorder and more than one approach must be followed for complete recovery. Medication, self-help techniques, support groups, 12-step programs, psychotherapy and financial counseling are some of the ways to treat the gambling addiction.