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Divorce proceedings can be particularly rancorous. Unfortunately, when that is the case between parents, the consequences of any spiteful behaviors can be emotionally harmful to the children, especially young ones. Because divorce is unsettling to the family under any circumstance, the adults need to work proactively to minimize the negative effects. A positive parent plan can comprise the following guidelines.

Work With Your Attorney

Your divorce attorney Jacksonville NC will look out for you; each parent’s attorney both ethically and legally must represent the best interests of the represented party. However, this does not preclude their keeping the children in mind during the negotiations, especially if both parents emphasize the point. A good attorney will redirect the conversation back to that concept when discussions become heated.

Provide Routines

As much as possible keep familiar routines in place. Children gain security from predictability. Even as you and your former partner enact new living arrangements you can establish routines that you will hold to for as long as possible. Also, follow-through with any planned events or promises made.

Act Emotionally Stable

Children can read an adult’s face and voice tones with great accuracy. Whenever in their earshot keep your emotions in check. Emotional consistency is just as important to a child’s sense-of-security as are established routines.

Do Not Vent About the Other Parent

No matter how angry you become, avoid using negative language about your partner in front of the children. Do not ask them to take sides either overtly or subtly. They need to know you will still work together to keep them safe.

Be an Open Door

Finally, give your children space to talk and raise questions. Explain at their level the reasons for the divorce; most importantly, emphasize that they are not the cause.

Divorces are emotionally and physically draining life events. You can not always control your emotions. However, by working in tandem with your former spouse and your attorney, you can shield your children from the worst aspects of the proceedings and help them stay emotionally strong.