What is Balikbayad OFW Loan? How does it work?

Loan proves to be a very convenient path to fulfill our dreams, but sometimes it can be a tricky thing. You often come across to situations where you require extra cash to pay off during emergencies or achieve something that could not be achieved with your current resources.

Various leading companies aims at helping overseas Filipino workers to assist a helping hand with their cash flow needs. Company’s guidelines and policies may be different, but the sole motive of all of them is to make lending easier and more accessible to OFW workers.

The policy of starting Personal Loans in the Philippines with no collateral proves to be a major step in making OFW’s life easier. Balikbayad is the new player in the OFW loan industry. Balikbayad is also one the fastest growing venture which says ways to overseas Filipino worker to come out from their in-balance cash flows. Balikbayad firm is a part of First Digital Finance Corporation, a fin-tech company based in Manila.

This enterprise is composed of professionals who have gained experience in local as well as international banking and consulting. Balikbayad Company provides a loan facility that is catered towards the needs of every overseas Filipino overseas worker.

Balikbayad OFW Loan

Balikbayad OFW Loan is a loan policy started to attract customers through faster and better service. This loan has streamlined requirements which escaped the customers from getting hassled up in fulfilling requirements. All the applications are made online which minimizes time wastage of standing in long queues.

Processing of your application has been made a lot faster by the support of upgraded computer software which handles and process loan applications. Complaints of misplacing of your information or application have also been resolved now.

The key advantage of this loan is that it has settled competitive rates of interest which make repayment of these loans a lot easier. Balikbayad offers you full requested the amount of loan and no fees will be deducted from your requested loan amount.

Working of Balikbayad OFW Loan

As soon as you make up your mind to go for a Balikbayad loan, the very first step should be to submit all your requirements to the office as accurately as possible. Afterward, an account officer will explain you the complete details regarding OFW loan, and then you will be asked to fill up the loan application online and will proceed with the verification of the data you have provided.

Once the bank officials are fully satisfied with your details, you will be asked to sign loan documents. After the completion of above proceedings, you need to hand over the Post-dated Cheque to banks for repayment. You can after that easily en-cash it and fulfill your requirements easily.

“As one of the biggest drivers of our economy, overseas Filipino workers deserve not only gratitude but also access to top services in Philippines including a great OFW loan facility.”