Rummy: Do The Magic With Your Hands!

Our country India has many facets, many rules, many opinions and many ways to bond with each other.  Before the era of computers and technology, when people used to ‘talk, share and play’ with each other, rather than just chatting and spending time on Phone. People used to play ‘cards’ as one of the many ways to spend leisure time. In many households, it is still considered a bad habit due to obvious reasons of addiction and money business involved. But back in those times and even now this is practiced in many homes as a way of entertainment and get-together.  This game requires a lot of brain and tricks to put in!

According to the Honorable Indian Supreme Court, this is a game of skillfulness and not a chance game and even legitimate to play. The whole family comes together to take part in the cards games. One of the very famous card game is ‘Rummy’. In India, people are taught ‘How to play Rummy from a very early age. Numerous people admire this card game. People involve money (a hell lot of money) into this game and even use this as their profession by playing cash rummy. Well, to understand the extent of its popularity around the world, just know that this game has been introduced online, reaching every small corner of this world.

Positive aspects of this Card game

Since Rummy is one of the best ways to socialize, people tend to find ways and reasons to play with friends and family. Diwali is one of those gracious occasions when family members spend almost all night playing Rummy because it is that amazingly interesting! This game can inculcate a sense of trust, and sportsman spirit into you, other than the fun involved. Arithmetic and analysis skills can be improved by playing this game often. Calculations and dealing with numbers can become easy when learned through such games. Another important aspect is cultivating upon your memory. In the game of rummy, one has to remember the cards his opponent has, or he has discarded then you may have earned yourself enhanced chances of winning.

A basic game explained

It’s a straightforward process to understand. A 13 card version of Rummy requires 2 to 6 number of players. Each player should start with 13 cards in their hands. The remaining cards are kept on the table (faced down) and these are known as Closed Deck. A joker is any random card selected from the closed deck to substitute for any missing cards in your sets or sequences. The main aim is to arrange the 13 cards into a set or sequence of minimum 3 cards (same suit, different numbers or different suits, same number). The one who will do it first will be declared as the winner.

To start with, just pick a card (from the open or closed deck). See if you want that card in the set, if not then discard it on the open deck (where unwanted cards are cast-off). Maximum cards should be 13 always. You can advance your skills and knowledge on ‘How to play Rummy’ with the help of your seniors in the family. Learn and teach others and pass on this wisdom forever.