Skid steer log splitter attachment is made of top-notch quality, whether light cutting around the yard or heavy-duty commercial use. Skid steer Splitters are sold with hoses and couplers to check if they work with the proper splitters. Skid steer log splitters are compact with a large loader attached to a smaller machine to increase the cycle time and reduce the quality of man time. 

Which skid steer log splitter should we choose? 

Some questions arise when buying a log splitter, but we are here to make some accessible routes for you. There are several things to keep in mind before buying. Do we want a single wire to others? How long of a stroke do we need? How many tones are required? 

  • Log splitter wedges 

The most habitual style in wedges for a skid steer log splitters is the single wedge, named a 4-way wedge. It is essential to know which is better fitted with your log splitters. 

Some models of log splitter wedges include blue diamond 35 ton with an option of single wedge or four wedges (purchased separately) while coming up with other models such as log splitter six-way wedge providing the facility of upside down skid steer. 

  • Log splitter stroke 

The primary consideration is how long you are planning your stroke on splitting. But the review should be balanced against how fast you want to be able to cycle the log splitter stroke when we have a large pile of wood to split

Tip- A shorter stroke may result faster than a longer stroke. 

Blue diamond 25-ton traditional log splitter stroke provides 24″, 30″ and 36″ strokes depending on your model you are deciding to choose. While the larger 35 ton log splitter opens up to 30″. 

How large of a cylinder do we need? 

Most skid steers manufacturers publish the ton size the log splitters can produce. Moreover, depending on your model size, you will be looking for a 20 to 35 range of tons. This is where the cylinder comes into the picture. The tonnage a wood splitter can produce depends entirely on the wood splitter cylinder and skid steers auxiliary hydraulic PSI.

How many tonnes are needed? 

When considering the correct tonnage, you need to consider what you are planning on your wood splitter. Some main things you may consider: 

  • Length of longs

Longs require longer force splitting than shorter ones because the wedge encounters more resistance in 36″ long rather than 20″ log. 

  • Logs are seasoned, or it is green. 

Greens woods, in general, are heavy due to the higher moisture it requires. If you are thinking of splitting green wood, our suggestions drive towards a high tonnage rather than splitting seasoned wood.

Is the viewing window appropriate in a log splitter? 

It depends on whether you opt for a model or a traditional style. Traditional styles are now the least common way than the model style. Conventional means the logs are placed on the top of the wood splitter, while in the inverted model, the wood is split underneath the log splitter. 

An important notice to consider is the safety issue of not needing the assistant outside when using an inverted skid steer out of a log splitter. 

Over to you 

We hope you have gone through this article perfectly and are stable in selecting the perfect skid steer log splitter. For more details, connect with Skidsteers.