One of the healthiest drinks that Mother Nature has provided is water. It is a zero-calorie liquid and without water, a person cannot stay alive beyond few days. In such a scenario, it is simply outrageous to think that the water we drink is poisoned. But, it is a fact. Besides contamination due to man-made sources, there is calcium fluoride in water, which is naturally found in underground and ocean water.

In the 1940s, a study was released that adding fluoride to drinking water is beneficial as it helps in reducing cavities. So, in addition to the naturally occurring calcium fluoride, the public water supply started adding sodium fluoride and the result is that the water supplies became virtually toxic.

A couple of arguments came up against the addition of fluoride, the most prominent one being that with fluoride added to so many products like toothpaste, cleaning product etc. there is no way to control the dosage. Too much fluoride is actually bad for the body as it leads to thyroid disorders, attention problems, low IQ and bone fractures to name a few.

Drinking spring water is one option to avoid fluoride. As the name suggests, this water comes from a spring and not from a river. The water that is pumped from a source that is far underground is not exposed to chemicals that get leeched into groundwater. As it does not pass through a water treatment plant, there is no addition of fluoride. The only problem is that getting a genuine spring water bottle is rare and then it is, of course, pricey. So, not all can afford it on a regular basis.

As fluoride is added to the water at the treatment plants, we need to remove it by one of the following methods.

Water Distillation

Distillation means heating the contaminated water to steam and then condensing that steam to get purified water. This method is the most effective for removing inorganic compounds as they do not get evaporated with the water and stay back. As the water is boiled, all the microorganisms also get killed in the process. The only downside is that the natural minerals that are vital for the body also get eliminated along with the fluoride.

Activated Alumina

If the water supply in your area is highly fluoridated, then you can use this method. When water is passed through a filter having activated alumina, it actually passes through a bed of aluminium granules. These granules absorb all the contaminants that are present in water leaving it pure and clean. Activated alumina is very effective when it comes to fluoride, heavy metals and toxins. The catch here is that this alumina works only if your water has a pH of less than 8.5.

Reverse Osmosis

Using RO water purifiers is another sure-shot method to get rid of fluorides. The semi-permeable membranes present in this filter effectively remove the contaminants. These systems are known to eliminate nearly 95% of the fluoride present in drinking water. RO water purifiers are quite popular these days due to the numerous benefits they have.

If you want that the healthiest drink provided by Mother Nature should remain intact, then you need to choose a purifier that purifies drinking water appropriately.