3 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Your Man’s Special Day

I don’t know if this is just me, but don’t you agree that buying men presents can be such a headache?  I’m not getting into stereotypes here; I’m merely saying this based on my own gift-searching experiences.

Obviously, I’m a girl – a woman, as I hope to think. And I can proudly say, I’m not giving anyone trouble when it comes to buying me gifts. Buy me a cute pen, I’d hug you. Buy me a nice top, I’ll squeal. Sing me a song, make me dinner, get me tickets to a charity concert, or simply order Chinese takeout and I’d already die of happiness. Some of you may think that my happiness meter is just a little too shallow, I say I’m doing everyone a favour for not nit-picking every little thing!

I know guys also appreciate small, sweet gestures but you just can’t shake off the feeling that they may be expecting something more from you, right? And of course, there’s that self-professed obligation to want to make him feel happy. Seriously, I’d give the world to my guy if I could.

Anyway, after years and months pondering over what kinds of gifts are most ideal for guys, I came up with three brilliant suggestions:

A Watch to Keep Watch

I’m really not the clingy type of wife so when I say “keep watch” here I’m referring to guidance – kind of like the North Star thing – not the “I’m paranoid so I’m keeping you under my watch 24/7 for the next 25 years” thing. Anyway, you can never go wrong with getting a watch as a gift. It’s handy, useful, and convenient. Also, you get extra credit when you manage to pick out the perfect design for him. Think Timex or Hugo Boss Orange watches. He’s going to love it without doubt!

A Road Trip for Some Quality Fun

This is more like a package than it is a gift. But this’ll work really well with your adventurous and high-spirited partner. It’s like saying “I’ve set aside everything else I have to do just to drive around with you. Let’s go look for our own adventure.” Road trips are too intimate to pass up on. So, if you and your significant other have the time (or can make some time), then you should definitely go. Don’t let this golden opportunity to improve your relationship go to waste!

A Dinner Full Of His Favorites

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This one never gets old. It just goes to show that men are hungry eaters no matter what era they’re living in. If you’ve got a knack for cooking, why not whip up an entire feast of his favorites to celebrate his special day? Rather than going to an expensive restaurant, home-cooked meals feel far more intimate and tasteful. You know what flavors appeal to his appetite most, you know what he likes on his salad, and you know whether he’s into white meat or red meat. Collect all these little things you know about him and make it into something amazing.