3 Tips For Couples Deciding to Separate

Most people get married believing that their union will last for the rest of their lives. However, there are many situations that occur during a marriage that will test the bond between the two people and may cause a temporary or permanent rift. In some cases, couples may decide to separate to figure out if they want to remain married or not. If that happens, then the couple will need to come to an agreement about the terms of the separation.

  1. Create an Agreement

It is important that the decision to separate be made after careful consideration so that both parties have the opportunity to think about what they want. Finances, custody of children and whether or not the couple will continue to live in the same home should all be decided before the separation occurs. Creating a separation agreement Tampa can help the couple navigate challenges and make a timeline of events.

  1. Do Not Date Others

Dating others can complicate the separation in many ways. If the couple is separated because they are trying to decide whether or not to stay married, the introduction of another person into the mix can cause powerful negative feelings in the other partner and complicate the negotiation process.

  1. Come to a Decision

Ideally, a separation will create space between the couple so that each partner can think about the situation and come to a decision about how to proceed. This should not take a long time, as remaining in limbo for years often results in feelings of tension and resentment. The sooner the issues are resolved and a decision is made, the sooner both people are able to move forward.

Anyone who is thinking about separating from a partner should research state and federal laws to ensure everything is done correctly. Professionals, such as lawyers and counselors, should be contacted for advice about the specific circumstances involved.