If you have ever had to find a way to get a loved one out of jail, then you understand the value of a good bail bonds company. If not, you should learn about bonding companies and what makes them good or bad.


First, you want to choose a bail bondsman that has wide availability and is in your local area. For example, you may search for 24 hour bail bonds Statesville. Not every arrest occurs within business hours, so you want a company that has a wide availability. In addition, because they deal with the paperwork to get the accused out of jail, it is best if they are local.


Most bonding companies charge 10% of the total bail amount set by the judge. This 10% is their fee for lending you the money and is never returned to you, even if the defendant adheres to all the court conditions. Any bail company that charges a higher price should be avoided. In addition, some bail companies allow you to make payments on the 10% and still get the accused out of jail quickly. Companies who charge lower fees may not be as experienced or reputable as those who charge standard bail fees. You may have to put up collateral to secure the bond as well.


The duty officer, your lawyer or your network of family and friends may be able to give you referrals of good bail bondsmen. However, the police and your lawyer typically deal with bail bonds companies regularly, while your network may not have needed their services. Be sure to do some additional research, such as contacting the Better Business Bureau for their rating and any outstanding complaints as well as online reviews and testimonials.

Your Responsibility

Before contacting a bail company, you should know the bail amount, the defendant’s full name and arrest information.

If a loved one is ever accused of a crime, consider consulting an attorney and bail bonding company.