4 Maintenance Tips for Longer-Lasting Air Compressors

Air compressor devices are valuable equipment. These devices find their use in several industrial operations and even household projects. However, as time goes by, your air compressor device will reach the end of its lifecycle. In some cases, opting for an air compressor servicing in Singapore becomes necessary.

For the most part, owners want to keep the equipment last longer. Just as you would do when buying an air dryer in Singapore, maintenance will ensure that the machine runs optimally without a problem. Following a healthy maintenance routine will ensure that your air compressor device will be running for a longer time. Here are a few simple maintenance tips you can follow:

1. Consider inspecting the hose

A quality and well-maintained air compressor hose will ensure stable air pressure with consistent power output. There are different types and ranges of hose you can find in the market. If your machine’s hose is exhibiting wearing and tearing or showing creasing, consider replacing them to restore the equipment’s effectiveness.

2. Drain moisture from the tank

Professional air compressor repair in Singapore can be costly. One way to maintain the machine is to drain the remaining moisture inside the tank. The moisture element is developed and accumulated inside the tank as the device compresses air. If you live in a humid place, your machine will likely collect more moisture. To ensure that related problems are at bay, drain it using the built-in valve.


3. Check and clean the tank fuel

Air compressor tanks can help lower the cycles needed and avoid excess loading. Cleaning the tank fuel via draining and vacuuming per year can prevent residue building up that can cause a problem where you’ll need an air compressor servicing. You’ll need to replace the filter due to stuck debris and dirt in some circumstances.

4. Replace air filter

Changing and replacing the air filter is a recommended part of maintaining your machine. Dust accumulation and build-up can make your compressor work harder, and it may even risk dirt getting inside the machine.

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