5 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home with Little or No Investment

Used in the right way, the internet is a boon in more ways than one. While the default advantage of gaining information is the high point of the .com world, another significant benefit that the internet provides, and which is now a growing trend, is aiding in earning money. With the right skill sets and enough time off the regular schedule, one can make money online, even without any investments. There are umpteen options that the web world offers to make some more money. One only needs to analyze and decide what suits them the most. Here are five such ways of earning an extra income using the internet:


Taking up tasks on a freelance basis is a common way of earning additional income. Options for freelancing right from your home include writing, editing, photo-editing, and web designing. The growth, however, can be slow as new freelancers tend to start off at a much lower pay scale. And, it can take quite some time to get your remuneration hiked. However, done on a regular basis, freelancing can turn out to be a wise option for increasing your total income. You could either take it up in the same field that you are in professionally, or in a hobby or passion that you could not take up as a vocation.


A lot of people love to write and post their pieces online for others to read and give opinions on. Many a time, a lot of these blogs become popular among netizens, and eventually, the bloggers start making money from the web traffic that their blogs generate. Getting into blogging is another way of making extra money. Popular and widely read blogs are often approached by advertisers and content generators for getting some publicity, and in the bargain, the bloggers make a lot of money. And, blogging is more gratifying than writing for someone else, as you are at complete liberty to pen down your thoughts in the words of your choice and in any style you wish.


Websites always fight to be ranked high on online search engines. Showing up among the top search results requires understanding the requirements and common thoughts of netizens when they are looking up stuff online. Using the right words, images, videos, etc. go a long way in deciding how well one’s website fairs on a basic search online. Figuring these methods out for websites is a dedicated job, and companies do pay individuals to manage their SEO rankings. And, this job can be done on a freelance basis for a decent remuneration. All you need is a good understanding of SEO and how search result rankings can be shot up.

Stock Trading

If you are a stocks and shares enthusiast and love everything and anything to do with equities, you could try making money out of them. Stock trading, or even forex trading for that matter, have been popular ways of making money for years together. Today, the mediums for this have expanded, as trading takes place live online. But, be sure that you have complete expertise over the subject, because stocks and forex are risky fields that can spell doom for traders if not handled wisely. On the other hand, if you can excel in the field, you can make loads of money just spending a couple of hours trading every day.

Playing Games

Yes, this is indeed one of the options of earning a quick buck. Playing online poker games in India can win you money. There are a number of games online that are played for real cash. One of these is poker, at which players spend hours trying to win rounds of game or tournaments. And, they do in fact end up winning loads of cash. A number of authentic sites exist today that are frequented by experts in the game. Khelplay is one such Indian website that offers a plethora of options to play games with proper bankroll management in your own virtual account.