We give so much of our time and attention to this whole world, but do we give even 10% of that time to ourselves? Have you ever thought of pampering yourself for an entire hour in a day of 24 hours? We invest our energy in healing, sustaining and creating love in relationships and bonding in family and work, do we form any bond of our mind with our soul? There are a lot of things internally that should be improved in a human being than focussing their energy to the outer world only. This implies that the world constantly needs to be reminded of self love techniques that are much needed to create a balance. Here are 5 ways to grow self love:

  1. Self care and compassion:

Sleep as much you need- do not oversleep to hide your emotions or do not deprive your sleep to meet those never-ending deadlines. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Similarly adopt some self love exercises to enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Start caring for your own esteem and emotions as much you care for the person you love the most.

  1. Talk to your inner being:

We spend too much of our focus in judging others as well as ourselves. In our subconscious minds, we all often criticize our own life and efforts to not being able to meet the expectations of redundant. For example- if your child did not eat well today, you will probably blame yourself for not being able to feed him or her! We need to learn and adapt how to practice self love in life. Despise the outer appearance and once in a while find a connection within yourself. Talk to that soul within you that constantly tries to tell you things but due to so much noise and your attention, you probably ignore those sounds. In order to find a deeper understanding with you, it is advisable to seek professional help too.

  1. Respect your choices:

At times we give too much into the demands of others surrounding us that we completely ignore our personal likes, dislikes and choices in life. It is better to keep a hold on to your desires and give them real space in your life. Just understand that you need to respect your own choices before others would do it.

  1. Meditate for peace of mind:

There are various propagated meditations for self love that are meant to seed the idea of giving value and love to yourself in your subconscious mind. You can seek help of these meditational guides and teachings to improve your life in a significant way. Meditation has been a powerful tool to change the process of thinking of millions of people all over the world.

  1. Be thankful:

Carrying a heart full of gratitude and love is far better than going on to complain about life every now and then. Life is full of opportunities and biases. It depends where you decide to invest your energy and focus. Try to look at the positive side and feel thankful for the bright side. It will empower you with a conscience to avoid the negativity and earn positivity in life.