6 Types Of Churches in Brentwood, CA

Did you know that at least 39.4% of people in Brentwood, CA, are religious? It’s no wonder that the church in Brentwood CA is popular. Moreover, there are over 25 churches in 15 denominations in Brentwood, CA. Furthermore, the lush green pastures and coral trees in Brentwood, CA, make it a perfect environment to have architectural marvels as churches.

You might wonder what all denominations of churches exist in Brentwood, CA, isn’t it? Fret not; this article will enlighten you. You will know the various types and how many churches of each type are in Brentwood.

Types of Churches

Churches in Brentwood, CA, are classified according to denominations and style of worship.

Based on denominations, there are over 15 in Brentwood. Some of the major ones are as follows:


Lutheran Churches are affiliated with Martin Luther, who kickstarted the Protestant Reformation. These churches have a high sacramental theology and hold to a specific understanding. A notable feature of Lutheran Churches is that they believe that the Catholic Pope is Antichrist. Brentwood, CA, has 3-4 Lutheran churches.


Methodist churches stem from John Wesley’s Ministry in the 1700s. John Wesley pioneered new ministries on the American Frontiers. Most Methodist churches are into social activism and have services that are often formal yet contemporary. There are 4-5 Methodist churches in Brentwood, CA.

Roman Catholic

There are over 6-8 Catholic churches in Brentwood, CA. Catholic churches consider the Bible the authority of church tradition and look up to the pope. The Catholics believe that they can earn salvation through their good works. They venerate Jesus and Mother Mary, along with other saints.

Based on the style of worship, there are three major categories:


There are several safe churches in Brentwood, CA. You merely need to research the churches and talk to people who attend churches to find out which church is safe. Essentially, a Safe Church stays in the middle road. The pastors don’t challenge your thoughts and will discuss issues that already have a popular opinion.

Additionally, at a safe church, the moment someone is uncomfortable during a conversation, the topic will change.


Maturing churches allow people to think, and you will discuss challenging issues. You will be able to explore the various problems and understand the different perspectives of people. At a maturing church, the worldview constantly develops, and you will sometimes face discomfort. In such a church, you will not avoid hard questions, nor will you be arrogant in knowing.

Final Word

Final word, churches are generally arrogant churches. You will find many such churches in Brentwood, CA. They also thrive on controversy and heated discussions. Such churches have the final say on social, ethical, doctrinal, and political issues. Followers of this church tend to be judgmental and arrogant. Moreover, they declare biblical authority.

Church in Brentwood CA is popular due to its architecture and various types available. At Brentwood, CA, there are over 15 denominations like Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Foursquare Church, Methodist, Community Church, and more. All of them hold Sunday masses and have services almost every day.

If you are in Brentwood, CA, you can choose any of the above churches and offer your prayers. Apart from denominations, you also have maturing churches, final word churches, and safe churches.

Explore Brentwood, CA and its lush pastures to find the church that’s best for you!