8 Arabian Dresses For Marvelous Styling On Special Occasions

Arabian culture is distinctive in all aspects. From weather to culture, buildings to lifestyle and eating to clothing styles, Arab people have a unique taste. Couponqatar.com promotes this trend with Namshi discount Qatar so the followers get easy access to affordable choices including fashion, living, household and more. Are you searching Arabian clothing trends? Well, this would not be difficult because there are several fashion houses and stores such as Namshi Qatar offering the Arabian clothing collections. Those who have less knowledge about the uniqueness of women’s fashion in this region should focus on following picks.

Printed Pleated Abaya:

As a matter of fact, Abaya is one of the main clothing pieces that is dominant in the entire Arab region. From Qatar to Lebanon, you will find abaya as a beautiful and lovely piece on the body of every woman. This dominant culture invites the designers to create new designs and styles of Abaya. The Printed Pleated Abaya is a brilliant production by Thouq. The price of this dress is only 345.91 QAR but applying Namshi discount Qatar may help you getting multiple pieces in a small budget.

Embroidered Sleeve Abaya:

This is a smart choice by Khizana. Thanks to this Arab inspired designer, women in countries like Qatar have access to modern Abaya designs. Wear this piece and no one will believe that it is a traditional abaya. Actually, it doesn’t look like an abaya. It seems like a high waist tie style.

Printed Jalabiya:

Girls who have inspirations from the Arabian Nights and other folk stories must know about the Jalabiya. This beautiful variant of abaya looks cute and cool. Imagine yourself as a princess of the Arabian Nights and order the printed jalabiya. The Dea Dona presents best pieces in this category.

Cowl Neck Side Slit:

Basically, it is an Arabian Dress with silk beauty. Girls with special silk choices should pick this dress. Zoey presents it for the girls who love to catch more attention and recognition in the social group.

Pocket Detail Top:

Thanks to Desert Cove for this western blend. This designer is famous to mix the Arabian dress designs or styles with western choices. This pocket detailed top is brilliant example of classic mixture. Choose it for EID night and enjoy the coolness.

Embroidered Neck Printed Jalabiya:

Remember, Jalabiyas are famous in the Arab region. Women love to have these dresses at home and for parties. Wearing a jalabiya makes you feel cool and easy. Thanks to Amri for creating a marvelous embroidered neck printed jalabiya.

Digital Print Oversized Kaftan:

Couponqatar.com makes fashion hunt easy. It has the Namshi discount Qatar on variety of fashions and styles. Arabian Closet wants to take advantage of this bonding when offering the classic digital print oversized kaftan.

Longline Cardigan:

 Here comes another mixture of Arabian and western dresses. Rina presents a beautiful “Longline Cardigan.” This is an Arabian dress as well as a cardigan. It may serve you at casual, formal parties and even in lounges.