Have you ever seen photographs of people who have tried Deca Durabolin, before and after the use? Seeing these remarkable differences in appearance many people have tried out this steroid and achieved wonderful results. Are you going to try out and see the difference in yourself too? It is one of the popular anabolic steroid of the decade, which is generally available in the injection form. Ever since the steroid was developed in 1950, there was a race among various pharmaceutical companies to come out with some new anabolic steroid. These steroids are meant for developing stronger muscles with least side effects.

You can try it on you and see the results

Most of the users of Deca Durabolin think that this steroid is very effective in building muscles and by looking at the pictures taken before and after trying out this steroid is sufficient to convince anyone. You too can try it and see the amazing results.

This is the reason Deca Durabolin has become so popular among the body builders all over the world. Also people find it quite safe to use as very mild side effects have been observed in people who have used this wonderful drug.

Brief history

Deca Durabolin was developed in 1962, when people became aware about the effectiveness of these anabolic steroids. Its chemical name is Nandrolone Decanate and it is available in inject able form. This steroid was developed by a Netherland based company called Organon International.

This company was sold to Schering Plough in 2007 and in 2009 this company merged with Merck and new company with the name Merck & Company was formed. This is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world and its headquarters is based in New Jersey. It has branches in 120 countries and employs around 51,000 people. This company is still producing this steroid. You can also visit the website of this company and on this website you will find various other products too.

Other medical applications

This drug is also prescribed for various other ailments by doctors. Women suffering from osteoporosis during post menopause and anemia particularly benefit from this drug. Besides that it can also be used for the treatment of breast cancer. Women also use it as progestin based contraceptive.

People suffering from muscle wasting diseases are also benefitted from this. For HIV patients too this drug is quite useful.