Benefits of Owning a Modular Gun

A challenge facing gun owners with multiple weapons is the difference in the trigger pull between guns. If you want to truly trust the gun you carry, this means you must make time to practice with each weapon individually, in similar intervals to ensure comfort if the time comes to use it outside the range. One potential solution is the modular gun.

What Is a Modular Gun?

In most guns, the core components cannot readily be removed and put on another gun, certainly not a gun with a different frame size or caliber. This is not the case with a modular gun.

A modular pistol, like the Sig Sauer P320, combines the trigger and firing mechanism within the Sig fire control unit as a single, semi-sealed unit. This allows the user to keep the same trigger pull regardless of the pistol they move the unit to. And users can move the trigger group module to guns of any frame size and caliber, making it a convenient option for those who carry different-sized weapons at different times.

Are Modular Guns Cost-effective?

Modular pistols are incredibly cost-effective because the only part of the gun that is serialized is the trigger group module. This means less tracking and paperwork is required from manufacturers and retailers for frames and grips which can be sold separately. Less paperwork means lower overhead, making the cost of owning multiple guns with a single trigger group module considerably less expensive while allowing owners to experiment with different grips and frame sizes to find the best solution for their needs without a huge outlay of money.

Between the confidence that comes with knowing how each gun will handle, the ease of customization and the cost savings, modular pistols are a great option for those who own or plan to own multiple weapons.