2018 will soon draw to a close and you have hardly 2 months left to decide what type of calendar you are going to print. If you have a habit of printing calendars every year, you would definitely want to make your calendar printing for 2019 unique and outstanding. No worries; here are some special ideas to make our 2019 calendar printing distinctive and dignified. take a look.

2019 calendar printing ideas

Make 2019 special with your unique calendar printing using these ideas.

  1.     The Awareness calendar on Endangered species

With the passing of each year, we gain some things and lose some. We are on the verge of losing some special creatures among our wildlife as they are becoming literally extinct. Let us do our bit to conserve these endangered species by printing an awareness calendar on this threatened wildlife. Print the calendar with eye-catching images of this wildlife at high resolution and provide little snippets of information on their habitat, their dwindling numbers and how to save them. This calendar-printing of yours will serve a noble cause by creating awareness on these endangered species.

  1.     The Awakening Calendar for inspiration

Everyone needs an inspiration and motivation to lead the life in a better way. Offer an awakening calendar with quotes from your favourite motivational preachers or leadership gurus. Add unique yet relevant images to support the content. Make your 2019 Calendar a mindful and thought-provoking one for its users.

One such calendar is the one based on The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo who is a  famous poet, teacher and cancer- survivor. His words of wisdom have a profound impact on the reader. Use the thoughts of such soul-seekers to help your calendar users understand the essence of life. Let your calendar printing for 2019 be mindful and meaningful.

  1.     The Health and Wellness Calendar 2019

Want to make your calendar useful for all? start by creating a Health and Wellness Calendar for 2019.

Health has become the fundamental focus for all in these coming years. Make your 2019 calendar valuable by printing health tips, wellness information, diet recipes etc. along with motivational quotes and funny images.

  1.     The Happiness Calendar 2019

People today are searching for hacks for everything including happiness. Make your 2019 calendar a trendy one by offering lifestyle and happiness hacks that are really sought for by the users.  Light up your calendar with happy faces, smiles and images exuding bliss and cheer.

  1.     The 2019 Peace Calendar

Let 2019 be a year of peace and harmony for all.  Express these thoughts innovatively with your 2019 calendar printing. Record messages of peace on each page of your calendar to instill thoughts of love and brotherhood among the users.

Tips for your 2019 calendar printing

Let your 2019 calendar printing be truly distinctive. Use the following tips to make your 2019 calendar unique.

  • Choose a novel theme that has not been used before
  • Let the theme be relevant and concurrent relating to everyday affairs.
  • Let the calendar provide some meaningful information and content
  • Use artistic layouts with different color combinations and fonts
  • Add a special touch by using die-cut designs or different page-styling.
  • Use high-quality images and printing to give a premium touch.
  • Offer some space for the user to make notes.
  • Make the calendar so attractive that it will become a souvenir.

Learn more tips to make your 2019 calendar a stunner by reading our blog How to make your calendar click in 2019?

Let your 2019 calendar decorate the walls of every home with distinction. Let your 2019 calendar printing be a class apart from others in its design, style and printing. Offer your 2019 calendar printing to a professional print provider of priceless experience and profound expertise.