Certifications Needed By Cleaning Companies In San Diego

Certification is a process where an individual or company meets standards set by third-party organizations. This process usually includes rigorous training and testing.

Hiring a cleaning company with proper certifications is crucial to ensuring the health and safety of your employees. Jan-Pro’s local cleaning franchisees have the three essential certifications that medical cleaning companies in San Diego need.

CMI Certification

Quality cleaning companies in San Diego need a team of certified frontline employees. This shows clients that your business has been vetted for quality and helps them feel confident in your work. With certifications such as the Custodial Expert and customer service training, your clients can be sure they’re getting a professional job from your cleaning crews.

These certifications typically cover various topics, including the basics of cleaning and more in-depth explorations of specific chemicals or EPA guidelines. They will also give you a better understanding of diluting and using cleaning products to improve efficiency.

Many of these certifications require you to take a course and then pass an exam. Generally, they’re not easy and are designed to help you be prepared for the real world of work in the industry. Most offer online classes and suggested reading materials to prepare you for the exam.

CITS Certification

The CITS certification program is a great way to ensure that the cleaning staff in your business are trained. The program is offered by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and is verifiable by completing a series of courses. This training helps your cleaning staff become true professionals in their fields. In addition to gaining valuable skills, they will better understand the industry and its needs.

The program is a good choice for those wanting to start cleaning businesses. It teaches them how to market their services and handle customer complaints. It also teaches them how to troubleshoot problems with equipment and software. Once they have completed the course, they can apply for a business tax certificate. They can also apply for any insurance needed to run their cleaning business. This includes property damage liability insurance, for example. This allows them to provide their customers with the best cleaning companies in San Diego.

OSHA Training

The cleaning industry often requires the use of chemicals that can present hazards. Additionally, the physical environment in which a cleaning job takes place can pose dangers. An OSHA 10- or 30-hour safety course can help prevent these hazards and ensure employees know the risks involved in their work.

These courses, called Outreach Training, are designed to introduce workers to workplace health and safety standards. The 10-hour course is for entry-level workers who do not have supervisory responsibilities, while the 30-hour course covers more advanced topics. Both courses lead to an OSHA student card.

While federal OSHA does not require these courses, some states have adopted them into worker safety programs. The California Occupational Safety and Health Program (known as Cal OSHA) is one such program. It provides information on finding authorized trainers for the 10- and 30-hour safety courses. These trainers can teach the lessons and issue student cards.

Green Seal Certification

Green Seal is the leading third-party environmental organization that certifies products, buildings, and services. It focuses on improving health and safety while supporting well-being and reducing environmental impacts. Its certification areas include everything from janitorial cleaning products to office supplies and lodging facilities.

The Green Seal logo is a familiar symbol of quality and a recognized sign that businesses follow green practices. The organization started in 1989 to offer truth in labeling for environmentally friendly products and services.

The Jan-Pro is committed to using Green Seal-certified cleaning products to conduct janitorial cleaning, day porter services, metal maintenance, power washing, and window cleaning. They also use green equipment that meets GS-42 and UL noise levels and filtration standards. These efforts have resulted in a Green Seal certification for the company. They are one of only six higher education campuses to earn this nationwide certification.