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Tennis is one of the favorite sports of the French, who like to practice it, watch it on television, but also bet on Grand Slam, Master Cup or Masters 1000 matches. Betting on tennis requires knowledge and strategy. 


To help you find your way around, Sbobet88 indonesia has put together the best tips and advice to win your bets.

There is not only football in the life: tennis is, next to the round ball, one of the disciplines most appreciated by the punters of France and the whole world. This sport has several advantages. First of all, the tennis season is long; it runs from January to November, with hundreds of matches played per day. In addition, tennis being an individual sport, relatively few factors comes into play at each match: thus you will not have to worry about rivalries between the members of a team, injuries, and other worries which can affect performance.

However, betting on tennis is not child’s play. Quite the contrary: 

To be successful, you need to be armed with solid knowledge and skills. The basis is the analysis of matches, which must, to be as detailed as possible, be based on many criteria. First of all, you have to take into account the time of year in which the match is taking place, which can give an indication of the form and state of fatigue of the players. The type of court surface is also essential, as all players have preferences. Knowing if the match takes place on clay, grass, hard or indoors will allow you to refine your prognosis. The goal is in particular to look for outsiders who will be favored against well-ranked players, and to bet on them (See our article on the definition of valuebets in Sports Betting).

Then analyze the stakes of the match

For example, at the start of the season, the best ranked players absolutely must earn ATP points in order not to lose their place. They will undoubtedly give themselves more thoroughly than a player who does not have the same pressure. Also, don’t blindly trust the ATP and WTA rankings. While it is unlikely that a Number 76 will beat Murray or Federer, a Number 89 can easily win against a Number 30 or 42. Knowing the players’ form, preferences and strategy will allow you to spot. those who can perform well when they seem disadvantaged on paper. Don’t just read the sports press and the forecasts of specialists. Also watch the matches to improve your knowledge.

The advice we can give you is valid for all disciplines

Compare the odds of different operators, practice making bets ” for false ” before moving on to real money bets, manage your capital with one hand iron, and bet in moderation. Finally, choose a quality bookmaker, which offers you safe transactions, attractive odds, generous bonuses and top customer service; if you don’t know where to turn and if you are interested in streaming videos, then trust an expert tennis operator, Swedish UNIBET. And best of all, download its mobile app for Android or iPhone, a model of its kind.