Different Types Of Exciting Cricket Bets You Can Make Online

When it comes to the most popular sport to watch and bet on, cricket is counted at the top position. Nearly all types of cricket formats are perfect for punters as they provide the brilliant chance to place a wager on numerous markets including complete cricket knowledge ones and luck-based markets.

If you are a betting novice and interested in placing a cricket betting online on your favorite tournament, then look at the following cricket bets.

Top Batsman

Bet on which batsman will score the highest runs in a particular match, day, or a tournament/series. Before placing this bet, perform deep research about a batsman’s past form, pitch condition, and match’s geographical location.

Top Bowler

Predict which bowler will perform the best i.e. how many wickets he will take in a specific match or a series and bet on that bowler. If equal numbers of wickets are taken by more than 2 bowlers, then the winner is a player with minimum numbers of runs conceded.

Match Ducks

Bet on how many ducks (batsman who gets dismissed without scoring any run) will be there in a match or a tournament.

Man Of The Match

A man of the cricket match is a player who performs the best in a specific match. Simply, predict which player will be awarded the title of the Man of the Match at the end of a match.

Most Sixes

Predict and bet on which player will score the most sixes. Before making this wager, consider the surface and fixture location to get an idea of the specific player’s batting style and ability.

To Win The Toss

In this type of bet, you simply have to predict which team will win the toss. This bet type is generally based on the luck.

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