The slideshow is a presentation tool recognized both in school and professional. It can be a succession of images and texts that are presented in an ergonomic and orderly way. The slideshow is intended to be projected on a giant screen. A slideshow can also be a series of photos transformed into video. Movavi Slideshow Maker is one of the most complete and easy-to-use slideshow software. It is available online for Mac.

MovaviSlideShow for Mac is a set of tools for creating spectacular slide shows. Independently turn photos of the collection into a beautiful video, and this does not require any special skills. Upload images to the program, join the photos with animated transitions, add a suitable soundtrack, apply titles and effects and save the video in the desired format.

A bright and interesting slide show can become an original gift to a friend or relative and just a great occasion to recall the joyous experiences experienced together. Do you think it’s hard to mount a slideshow? Nothing like this! With the Movavi Slideshow software for Mac, you can turn your photos into a full movie without any effort! Wondering how to make a slideshow on mac? Here are the options for you.

Basic functions of MovaviSlideShow for Mac 2

  • upload photos to the program individually or whole folders;
  • add a video to make your slideshow more exciting;
  • edit the downloaded materials on a convenient editing table;
  • choose background music and sounds from your own collection or use ready-made audio tracks;
  • Use the function of automatic adjustment of the slide show to the selected music;
  • impose “simple” or “artistic” titles;
  • Choose filters from more than 60 varieties;
  • record voice comments with a microphone;
  • Improve the quality of photos and video with one click, rotate and crop the image;
  • export a slideshow for viewing on your Mac or on any popular mobile device, prepare photo files for downloading to the Internet.
  • Create movies from photos and video clips using MovaviSlideShow – it’s really easy! Download the program and see for yourself!

What’s new

  • Clip Master now supports video files and photos in RAW format.
  • Black stripes can be removed automatically using the “Fill frame” option on the Preview tab in the Clip Wizard.
  • Share your videos on Google Drive directly from the editor.

The benefits of Movavi Slideshow Maker

The Movavi Slideshow software provides its users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It turns your wedding photos, birthday and all the happy events of life into video, as a slideshow. With this computer program, you can even mix video clips with photos. The Movavi Slideshow Maker is a very complete software that can be used even with a Mac. Many additional features are built-in to include trimming, cutting, cropping, recording with a microphone for inserting comments. The program is also published in several languages.