Wonderful Indonesia

With its beautiful natural landscape, Banyuwangi is more than merely a transit city to travel overland from Java and take the ferry to the island of Bali. Long famous for its excellent surf barrels, gorgeous beaches, and proximity to the Ijen volcano along with other nature reserves, Banyuwangi warrants an investigation and a significantly longer stay!

We’ve chosen one of those 5 comfortable hotels that you stay in to become your hopping off point to exciting destinations around. Situated at the most eastern tip of Java, Banyuwangi used to be just a port to get on your ferry to Bali.

But Banyuwangi is, in fact, an excellent city for all those looking for a leisure or adventure holidays. To mention a few, here are some destinations: the Ijen volcano with its renowned blue flame and sulphuric crater, Plengkung Beach for remarkable surfing, the romantic Red Island, and also the magnificent Banyuwangi Festival that some popular attractions are you shouldn’t miss. So, to help you along, here are 5 best, comfortable hotels that we recommend:

  1. eL Royale Hotel & Resort Banyuwangi.

Located 15 miles from Watu Dodol in Banyuwangi, the El Royal Hotel & Resort offers a comfortable stay for your business or leisure trips.

Enjoy your stay in a room with full amenities, flat Television, air conditioner, and free wifi access through the hotel. All of that coziness is imbued with the unique Banyuwangi cultural heritage. The atmosphere of the real Banyuwangi is breathed through its design which is full of batik patterns. To add, the hotel’s restaurant serves traditional dishes such as Nasi Tempong.

Jl. Raya Jember KM 7, Pakistaji, Banyuwangi, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68461
Phone: (0333) 3382999
Prices start at IDR 610,000

  1. Grand Harvest Resort and Villas.

Grand Harvest Resort and Villas lately built in Banyuwangi, the Grand Harvest Resort and Villas provide a comfortable stay embraced by the freshness of nature. The Grand Harvest presents a sophisticated service for every distinctive and exclusive room.

Even though there are only 40 rooms available, you are guaranteed to experience the best in service and installation. You are free to select From Deluxe Rice Field View rooms into a villa with private pool. The hotel facilities aren’t the only point that makes this hotel attractive, but its location is also a prime asset based in the most strategic area of Banyuwangi to enable you to reach different destinations easily.

Tamansari, Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java 68454
Phone: (0333) 3384031
Prices start at IDR 650,000

  1. Bangsring Breeze Resort.

Positioning itself as a private oasis for tourists has made Bangsring Breeze Resort one-of-a type leisure hotel. Along with complete hotel amenities that you may expect, you may rent a bike to explore the surrounding areas. Not limited to that, Brangsring Breeze boasts a restaurant that serves fresh croissants for breakfast and a glass of wine for dinner. To make your perfect stay, the exceptional service from your staff is delivered the minute you step in its foyer!

Jalan Raya Situbondo Km. 17, Bangsring, Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi
Phone: 0823-3126-4847
Prices start at IDR 1,580,000

  1. Hotel Santika Banyuwangi.

Located at the easternmost tip of Java, Hotel Santika Banyuwangi provides contemporary facilities for family vacation or business trips. With an elegant design in every room, the hotel aims to supply you with maximum comfort when you are resting. A clean room is always prepared and additional bed available upon request. What is best of this hotel is its location, which is right in the heart of the city. This gives you flexible access to roam around the town or getaway to any attraction for tourist you’re heading to.

Jl. Letjen S Parman No.15, Sobo, Kec. Banyuwangi, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68418
Phone: (0333) 4465123
Prices start at IDR 567,000

  1. Hotel Blambangan.

The Poolside rooms are what make Best Hotels in Banyuwangi a fantastic choice for any traveler who comes by. Despite its small appearance, Hotel Blambangan is a comfortable location to stay with an excellent staff to care for you. It is easy to reach this hotel since it’s situated on the main road. And if you like to walk around the environment of the hotel, some venues are close by like The Blambangan Market, Blambangan Park, and the popular food street in Pierre Tendean Street.

Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo No. 04, Kepatihan, Banyuwangi, Kepatihan, Kec. Banyuwangi, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68411
Phone: (0333) 411222
Prices start at IDR 453,000
Ensure that your stay in Banyuwangi is among your best experiences. Opt for one of those comfortable hotels and enjoy your vacation in Wonderful Indonesia!