South sea pearls are one of the purest forms of pearls available in the market. However, now there are many regions in which these pearls are sold as fake ones and there is a lot of duplicity going on.

Hence, here is a list of things to ensure that the pearl that you buy is an original one.

Manufacturing of the fake pearls

Normal pearls which are golden in colour are synthesized in laboratory to make sure that they look like the South Sea Pearls. This synthesis process interferes with the texture of freshwater pearls and makes it look like a crinkled pearl having thin folds in it. If you get these pearls tested in the lab they would be categorized as freshwater pearls.

Why are they expensive?

The pearls from South Sea pearls are very unique and rare. They are extracted from the oysters which are found in the areas of China and Australia and have good nutrients contained in them. Hence, the uniqueness of the oyster in which it is found and the cost involved in the cultivation and production makes the overall cost of a single pearl necklace from these pearls very expensive.

How to identify them?

The diameter of these pearls varies from 12 mm to 13 mm. Also, the oyster of these pearls is much larger than the ones available in freshwater and hence this is how you can distinguish between them. You must always buy these pearls from a legitimate dealer which has a good reputation in the market and also provides you with a certificate which ensures the authenticity and the purity of the pearl.


Hence, the pearls available from this Sea are much more valued and rarer than the ones available normally. Therefore, you must be able to distinguish between the original ones and the ones which are fake in the market. You must ask for a certificate for the purity of the pearls and hence buy them only when you are fully convinced that they are the original ones and you are not being bluffed into it.