Getting Divorced With Kids? Here are Some Things to Remember

Divorcing is always complicated, but it is especially difficult when children are involved. Custody issues can be complex, so you’ll need a good divorce attorney Tampa to help you sort through them. Here are a few things to consider when getting divorced with kids. 

The Settlement 

If you can work with your spouse on issues regarding child custody, you can write the details into your divorce settlement. Details to consider are living arrangements, medical factors and education. You can choose to have one parent be the primary decision-maker or you can split the duties as you see fit. Whatever you and your spouse decide, a judge will review the settlement to ensure it serves the children. After the court has approved the terms, you can immediately start to implement the plan. 

The Judge

A judge is likely to want to keep the status quo when it comes to the children. Because divorce is taxing on kids, the easier the transition, the better. For example, you might not feel that your spouse will need a certain amount of child support. However, a judge might feel the other parent needs financial assistance to provide a stable environment for the child. Likewise, you might be considering moving to your dream city with your kids. A judge will likely limit the distance you can relocate if the best option is 50/50 custody and if your move would take the child out of his or her school system. 

The Court

Although you and your spouse might end up in court, you want to keep your children away from the battle. Since both sides will need to present arguments, there may be issues that come up involving savory details your child should not be privy to. It might be impossible to protect your kids from the fray, but having them speak in court should be the last resort. 

If you have children, they are the highest priority during a divorce. Keeping their needs top of mind will help ease them into their new lives.