With thousands of professional gamers coming together to compete against one another, eSports is definitely on the rise. We live in a time where a decade ago, no one would have imagined earning money on eSports. Esports can be a huge asset or a large liability depending on how the business is utilized. In this article, we are going to explain to you how you can earn money on eSports, mainly revolving around the idea of being a professional gamer, attaining attractive sponsorship deals, streaming and betting.

Being a professional gamer can yield huge money from prizes. For example, Kuro Takhasomi from Germany earned$4 201 42.95 from 97 tournaments in his professional career. That is a lot of money earned by just playing games such as Dota, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike with excellent skill. Money can be earned by playing in professional competitions and winning prizes, which are usually represented by large monetary amounts. One has to invest hours of dedication into the game to practice and sacrifice time used for other purposes. However, since there are more and more players emerging in the industry, the competition is always increasing and one has to fight his way through. In conclusion, if you have an unwavering passion for games and want to earn money competing and are willing to take the risk, then this is for you.

Sponsorship deals are another option to earn money from this industry. Large companies such as Mercedes Benz or Vodafone sponsor professional players to play in tournaments and often reward the players with enticing rewards such as cars and money. However, to be capable of these sponsorships, one has to be a professional gamer or must have joined a professional team, which links back to the previous point. If you are unwilling to take on such a risky occupation but have the passion and want to earn money, the next two points are for you.

Game streamers are generally paid handsomely. For example, ImaQtPie earned 2 Million dollars by streaming on Twitch and Youtube leveraging on Ad revenue, donations and subscribers. One can use apps such as Twitch, Mobcrush, and even Youtube to stream their play and earn money in the process. To start with streaming, you would have to sign up with one of the many streaming sites and a screen recording program as well as invest your time and effort in recording these streams.

The last way to earn money on eSports that will be highlighted in this article is by betting. This option is only legal for certain games and is extremely risky as one has to do a lot of guesswork. However, you can come up with strategies to reduce guesswork by observing the number of victories a certain team has, active lineups, history of matches, analysis of commentators, etc. If you want to start by betting, you have to sign up with an online betting site and put aside money to put in.

In a nutshell, if you want to take on any of these methods, you would have to put in a lot of time and effort as well as a little bit of money. You would have to work hard to achieve your goals in this prevalent and definitely successful industry.