Method of cleaning the bedroom


The bedroom is one of the cornerstones of every home. It is the resting place where a person stays for more than eight hours a day. It is also the room whose overall design is shaped by colors, accessories and furniture, which makes it look like his own possessions, And arranges as he pleases. [1]

The second stage is the deep cleaning stage, which must be carried out twice a month at least, to keep the room clean, and furniture for as long as possible. , Giving them new touches in rearranging the decor, or putting new accessories. [2]

Method of cleaning the bedroom

To clean the bedroom, follow the following: [2]

  1. Remove the carpet or carpet from the room, and clean it in a suitable place, either by washing, or cleaning it dry.
  2. Use a member of your family to raise the mattress, pillows, and carry them to a place where the air and the sun reach.
  3. Lamy wood by polished wood, towel clean cloth to get rid of dust.
  4. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the narrow corners of the bed, and then ground the floor.
  5. Blend a napkin with your favorite fragrance, then sprinkle on the wood, the fragrance lasts in the wood for very long periods.
  6. Wipe the woman’s holder, the clothes relationship, the wooden drawers the same way.
  7. Use a piece of cotton cloth moistened with a little water mixed with the fuse, and wipe the walls and ceiling, so as to get rid of the dust that is stuck.
  8. Open the windows for ventilation, clean them with water and soap, and then wipe them with wallpaper to give more shine to the glass.
  9. Return to bed, then cover with a clean washbasin and scented with your favorite scent.
  10. Cover the cushions with a protective dust cover, to facilitate their subsequent washing.
  11. Organize your objects in wooden drawers, and remove all excess pieces by folding clothes neatly and neatly, organizing them according to their type and size in the right places, so as to provide additional space for more pieces you have, and facilitate access to them.
  12. Avoid placing important objects or accessories in the drawers if you have children.
  13. Make your own cosmetics, special creams in boxes, specially designed boxes, and store them in a drawer.
  14. Avoid getting too much accessory, make-up on your mirror, and just simply put a soft touch on it.
  15. Organize the clothes in the wardrobe to suit your needs, depending on your season. For example, keep the winter clothes in the summer in special bags, and lift them in a suitable place until they are used.
  16. Use boxes, cardboard boxes in the house to arrange small pieces of clothing and accessories, they organize the treasury, and give aesthetic to the shape of the inside, in addition to easy access to the contents when needed.


The arrangement of the bed is one of the easiest and most important steps in the arrangement of bedrooms, because the order takes only a few minutes in the morning, not arranged bedrooms gives chaotic informal shape, so be careful to arrange carefully by arranging pillows and sheets in an orderly manner, Suggests that the room is arranged even if the rest of its parts are otherwise. [2]


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