Orthotics Can Help With Heel Pain

Suffering from heel pain? The pain could be due to the types of footwear you use. Using orthotics can go a long way to relieve the pain.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are corrective footwear. They should not be confused with rubber footbeds, spongy and gel heel cups. Although rubber and gel footbeds can cushion the feet and heels, they don’t provide any form of biomechanical correction. The truth is that they do the opposite and create an improper walking pattern more unstable. Visit https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au  if you need custom orthotics.

The use of orthotic insoles is to give support to the arches and re-align the lower legs and ankles. Most of us do have pretty normal-looking arches while sitting or even standing. But, do take note that it is the impact of walking and running that poses an adverse effect to the ligaments and arch in the foot. Orthotics provides support to the arches and reduces the tension and strain on the plantar fascia.

You don’t need expensive orthotics just to benefit from effective correction. According to a study, wearing regular orthotics and performing several daily exercises is proven effective when it comes to providing substantial relief from heel pain symptoms.

Modern orthotics support the arches and significantly reduce the strain and tension on the plantar fascia, thus treating the cause of feel pain. Additionally, a shock-absorbing pad helps in reducing the effect on the painful heel, giving extra relief and comfort while walking. You can get the best orthotics from trusted podiatrists at ModPod Podiatry.

ModPod orthotics are among the best ways to deal with heel spurs and other related conditions such as Bunion and plantar fasciitis. Orthotic devices are ideally simple pads that can easily be placed into a footwear throughout the day in order to treat the pain and discomfort. However, some patients use orthotics from drug stores designed particularly to treat heel spurs.

While it is true that orthotics at drugstores can add cushioning for worn out footwear, they have no particular features that treat plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. On the other hand, custom-made orthotics from ModPod podiatry are effective alternative to many of unreliable options.

How ModPod Treatments Work?

The orthotics from ModPod Podiatry works by applying acupressure in order to stop pain then heals the problem that caused the spurs to arise. They have patented heel seats that re-stretch the plantarfascia ligament and at the same increasing the density of the natural pad of the heel. Additionally, these devices provide support to the heel bone in order to avoid partial collapse of the patient’s mid-foot. ModPod’s orthotics effective design has been clinically proven and tested to treat heel spurs.

If you’re suffering from heel pain and plantar fasciitis, then you can find relief by using custom-made orthotics. Contact podiatrist Neutral Bay from ModPod Podiatry and find the best orthotic product that can help you restore the health of your feet. Give them a call on the onset before everything gets worse!