Patios You Simply Cannot Ignore: The Best Of The Best Now Available

Are you looking for ideas for decorating the patio? Discover with Foyr Neo how to make it unique, stylish and welcoming: we give you many tips, solutions and advice to furnish the patio of your home with taste.

How To Furnish The Patio To Make It Cozy And Stylish?

It’s simple, just choose the right accessories! Outdoor spaces must always be treated exactly as if they were internal areas. In this case, precisely because it is an outdoor place, it is necessary to choose resistant, pleasant accessories that perfectly reflect the style of the house itself. Colors are also important and obviously the choice of materials.

Furnish the Patio

When you have an open space you must always set it up, even with a few elements. There are different pieces of furniture to decorate the garden, for the balcony and for the terrace and most of these are perfect for decorating the patio as well. Find the best patio design ideas you can use now.

How to Decorate the Patio with Furniture

This part of the house is on the outside and is the business card of your home. A poorly maintained, bare and poorly furnished patio will not make you look good, that’s guaranteed. So what does it take to decorate the patio with style? First of all, choose lounge or dining furniture, then garden armchairs, sofas, chairs and tables that are resistant and designed specifically for the outdoors.

You can opt for creations in wrought iron, wood or raffia, light or dark. Or choose rattan accessories, one of the latest trends in outdoor furniture. Delightful and very stylish are the hanging armchairs or hanging chairs, which will give a touch of magic to your patio.

Furnish the Patio with Outdoor Cushions and Rugs

But choosing only stylish furniture is not enough, because you need to give a touch of color. You will need beautiful and chic outdoor cushions, all colorful and imaginative. Using rugs is also a great idea, especially if placed between armchairs or in front of the entrance door.

Decorate the Patio with Statues or Vases

Do you want to furnish the patio by inserting some decorative element? Then take a look at the branded statues and outdoor vases, which you can also enrich with green or flowering plants, and thus play with contrasting colors to give liveliness to your outdoor. By the way, choose carefully the plants with which to customize the exteriors, they are very important because the patio is the middle area between the inside but also with the outside, so it is good that there is continuity.

How to Light Up the Patio

If you have a covered patio with a wooden or metal pergola or with a ceiling, insert large chandeliers or hanging lanterns with whole candles.

Otherwise you can use large floor lanterns, to be placed directly on the floor. Never forget the lighting; it is really essential, especially if you want to organize summer evenings outside to spend with friends. For this purpose, chains of lights to be applied on the walls are also useful.

Furnish the Patio with A Bar and Barbecue

If you have plenty of space and can count on a large patio, also place a garden bar corner, well equipped to be able to enjoy a cold drink without necessarily having to enter the house.