Play only with real players with competitive mindset on PlayerZon app

Playing games can be more exciting when you have competition. Playing under pressure helps users to improve their skills and strategic thinking. With different gaming applications and websites like PlayerZon and GetMega, you can now play games with a competitive mindset. These platforms not only allow you to challenge an opponent for a game but also help to track their performance on the diverse leaderboards. Many such platforms even introduce bots as the opponent. Playing with bots can be beneficial if you are on a practice session. However, if you want to really level up your game you should play with real players. For the younger generation, playing with an opponent member can be a great source to develop early learning skills. Further, playing with real players enhances memory, brain speed and concentration among individuals. 

Since the digital world is filled with fraudulent entities, there is a chance that the online gaming world will also have fake accounts. PlayerZon and GetMega allow only real players to play a plethora of games. After the accounts of the users have been verified through their social media handles or contact number, they can join the respective platforms. Let’s find out what these two platforms have to deliver to the users. 


PlayerZon is a popular gaming app that features games like Free Fire and Call of Duty. Individuals above the age of 18 years are allowed to register in the portal of this platform. PlayerZon permits only real players with verified accounts to join the platform. The extensive verification system of this app refrains players to indulge in any suspicious activities. However, if the platform finds out any such activity from a participant’s end his/her account will be banned. Thus, by involving only genuine players, PlayerZon establishes a competitive mindset among the players. Also, the leaderboard of this app also ensures health competition among the users. Based on different tasks, the leaderboard provides a detailed progress report of the participants.  

Presenting a basic UI, PlayerZon offers a lag-free gaming experience to the users. Further, this app-based gaming platform provides balanced gameplay to gamers. PlayerZon with its live tournament features helps newbies to learn the basics of Call of Duty and Free Fire faster. On this platform, players can also watch the highlights of their previously held tournaments. With this gaming platform, individuals can improve their skills. Also, PlayerZon is one such gaming application that prioritises the safety and security of its users. 


GetMega is another online gaming platform that offers a wide array of games based on three main categories: Casual, Trivia and Cards. Like many other gaming platforms, this app also allows gamers whose IDs are 100% verified via Facebook profiles or their mobile numbers. By giving permission to only real players, GetMega enhances the competitive mindset of the users. This online gaming platform also boasts diverse leaderboards based on games like Carrom, Poker, GoPool, Warship, 123, etc. The regularly updated leaderboards help users to keep track of their own performance as well as their competitor’s. Thus, to drive more competition among the contestants, GetMega offers exciting cash rewards. 

This app has a clean and easy-to-use user interface that allows gamers to seamlessly interact with the games. GetMega has both horizontal and vertical gameplay that increases the fun quotient of the games. For games like Carrom, Poker and Warship, the gameplay is vertical and for games like Rummy and GoPool, the gameplay is horizontal. With optimally displayed elements, GetMega makes it easier for users to fully concentrate on the games. Further, certified by RNG, this gaming app flaunts the best security measures to protect the essential details of the users. 

There is no doubt that online games have increased the competitive mindset among the younger generation which eventually improves their strategic thinking. It also helps them learn new skills. Thus, while you are going through the above-mentioned gaming platforms, check out which one provides the most competitive environment alongside other features. You can read more about these apps here at