Get 13 card rummy on your android phone for a great game

The 13 card rummy game has always been a favorite among Indian players. Due to its prompt and uncomplicated rules, the 13 rummy has been a popular choice for beginners and veterans alike.

Technology has come a long way where you’ll find yourself¬† that download rummy game online on your android phone is the best way for some quick and profitable time. Here, the games aren’t just casual but financially promising.

Once you’ve made sure to read the rules, playing well comes naturally. And the monetary rewards from successful gaming sessions are truly an aim worth achieving.

Of course, at first, you’ll need to learn the basic rules of 13 card rummy.

The Basic Rules of Rummy on Android

Play Quick

An online game does not provide any time for chit-chats. Here, you play by the rules.

13 rummy is a quick game, taking 2-3 minutes at the most if you’re playing against one opponent. Therefore, you’ll need to make all the seconds count.

As the rules are more or less straightforward, read up on the points you’ll need to follow for a thrilling game online.

And with the rules available on site, you can begin the game on your smartphone in no time. A good game is only possible when you know how to play.

Time Your Activities

When you play rummy on your phone app, timing is vital. Before a game begins, there are various stages you’ll need to pass through.

Upon entering an e-lobby, you get to opt among minimum money entry, seatings, point values, etc. You then go on to press the “Join” button.

Up next, you can opt for your seating area and choose by clicking on the “Sit Here” button. When it comes to putting in your money, you can opt for the applied minimum amount, or pay the most by multiplying the minimum with 10.

You’ll get 20 seconds to click on the “Buy-in” button after putting in your money.

These steps go quickly online, helping you start a quick match of 13 card rummy.

Declare on Time

Make sure you declare your hand only when you’re confident with your sets and sequences. If your hand is valid, the server will update everyone on your result.

Your opponents will then receive 30 seconds to form their sets and sequence. After everyone declares their hands, the server sends everyone, results with all usernames, scores and monetary gains.

Make sure to play your cards well to win big in on the online 13 card rummy game.

Benefits of Playing Online

  • You can play anywhere and anytime on your android phone
  • All rummy games are available on one platform.
  • You’ll get to meet thousands of players online, with varying interests in the game.
  • You can receive profitable returns, helping you earn extra on the side.
  • Your bank account details remain safe under professional cybersecurity.


Playing on an android phone can certainly elevate the experience of casual gaming. And in such recent stressful situations, playing some rummy games online can lift your mood and help you relax.