Product Review: Jacamo

Designers and stylists have just begun to realize that it is impossible to categorize people into on the basis of their body type, height, size, weight or shape. This realization gave birth to the idea of plus sized clothing all over the world in the previous year. The United Kingdom, unfortunately, doesn’t have booming fashion industry as America or France does, but brands like Jacamo are attempting to change the trend with their promotion deals, offers, and sale.

What is Jacamo?

The fashion scene in the previous year revolved around plus sized styles of garments. The online shopping experience of Jacamo promises to revolutionize the idea of plus sized fashion by making it accessible and pocket-friendly with an abundance of discount coupons and vouchers. The brand is dedicated to manufacturing plus sized clothes for the male populace who have a body type that is well built or on the bulkier side. However, Jacamo takes a holistic look at plus sized fashion and showcases a range of accessories like gloves, shoes, watches, sports gear and belts to make your looks stand out of the crowd.

When shopping at Jacamo, you will be spoilt for choice with high-end fashion brands like Adidas, Freddie Flintoff, and Dr. Martens as well as the budget clothing line of Jacamo itself. The sports team ‘The British and Irish Lions’ is also known to showcase its merchandise on this shopping platform. Even though Jacamo has several stores in the heart of United Kingdom, in London and the Midlands, loyal customers somehow prefer the practical nature of the online store.

The Website

The website of Jacamo is pretty easy to understand and navigate. The moment you log into the website, you would notice that the clothing options have been segregated into different categories. Choose the ones which seem to come nearest to your sense of personal style and you will be able to customize your clothing options on the basis of brand, colours, and your size. Not only can you add clothing items of your choice to your shopping cart, but you will also be able to make a wish list.

The Shopping Guide

The people at Jacamo know that the stylistic needs of their target customers and do their best to make the online shopping experience as easy and fulfilling as possible. Each of the items that are listed on the website is accompanied by a comprehensive size guide. However, since there is no size guide that can be absolute for all body types, you might occasionally receive a package of clothes which don’t fit well. In such unfortunate circumstances, Jacamo promises to implement a customer friendly delivery service and return policy that would ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The Delivery Service

After you have scrolled through the list of products, you have to add the clothes you want to purchase to your shopping cart. Just after you click the checkout option, the website would ask you for an address to deliver your order to. A local courier company would take off your delivery in due time.

Mode of Payment

Jacamo is probably the only fashion brand in the market which understands the need to cultivate a long term relationship with its customers. This is the reason why it gives you the option to make the entire payment all at once or through a credit account which would allow you to pay the amount little by little through installments. In this way, your bank account balance always remains stable as you are able to choose a time for making the payment.

Return and Exchange Policy

Whenever you shop at Jacamo through the online shopping option, the brand considers it to be distant shopping. Unlike other shopping platforms, you wouldn’t have to go through much hassle to return and exchange the clothes you had previously ordered. You wouldn’t be interrogated repeatedly about the reason behind your decision. You can just fill out the requisite details on the note attached to the package after repacking the clothes and contact your local courier service, which delivered the products to you in the first place. The latter would take care of the entire returning procedure and moreover, it would be cheap as you wouldn’t even have to spend a penny out of your pocket.

There might be times when you would want to ask for a complete refund on returning all of the clothes you had ordered. Jacamo would promptly respond to your request and return the requisite amount at the soonest but you would have to give up on the delivery fee of £3.99 which you had paid originally.

Summing up, we can say that Jacamo is a trendsetter when it comes to the online shopping industry in the United Kingdom, with clothes that allow you to look great while saving your money, easy to handle the website and a customer friendly return policy.