Santamedical Reusable Tens Unit Pads available on Amazon and Walmart

Santamedical has introduced Tens unit pads that are reusable and are made from premium quality materials. Each pad measures 2 X 2 inch that makes it apt for relieving pain in any affected area. As it is made from bets quality materials, it can be reused without any concerns. Using this pad, people can operate their electromagnetic devices at their homes to get relief from the nagging pain of several medical conditions. These reusable Tens pads are now sold by Gurin Products on the popular online shopping sites like the Amazon and Walmart.

Why should you buy Santamedical Electrode Pads?

The Electrode Pads by Gurin Products LLC are a perfect fit for your Tens unit. These pads are compatible with the Tens electrodes and gel. Using these pre gelled pads are quite simple, a syou just need to attach it to any specific area. After using it with the tens unit for relieving the pain and soreness in the body muscles, it can be placed on the electrode pad unit the further use. When you maintain the electrode perfectly, the pads can last much longer.

Top features of Tens Unit Pads

You can enjoy a pain free life when you are using these Tens Unit Pads by Santamedical, as it has the following features.

  • It is available on the site of Amazon in 5 packs with 2 pads in each pack to make it a total of 10 pads.
  • It is a skin friendly product, as it does not irritate or cause itchiness.
  • Idea for muscle stimulator, IF and TENS unit that require snap on type electrode pads
  • It is a flexible pad that houses solid electrode carbon to assure optimum charge delivery and comfort.
  • It has cloth backing and reusable gel.

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Gurin Products, LLC
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Phone: (888) 666-1557

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